July 10, 2007
Tale of the Tape
SI.com's Cory McCartney sizes up two imports with their sights on American domination.
David Beckham
Optimus Prime
Hails From
England Cybertron
U.S. Haul
$250 million $156.2 million and counting
Covered with
Tattoos Flames
Drinks By The
Pint Gallon
Often Changes
Hair styles Into a semi
Also Known As
Goldenballs. No, seriously, Goldenballs. Leader of the Autobots
'Spice' He's Most Attracted To
Posh Spice The Old Spice car
When his roots start to show. Decepticons
No Stranger To
Fashion shows Car shows
Biggest Obstacle
America's lack of passion for soccer. Rust
Who He Goes To For Advice
Tom Cruise Mr. Goodwrench
Biggest U.S. Fan
Galaxy stalwart Drew Carey. He's still a celebrity, right? Scott Edward Nall, who legally changed his name to Optimus Prime as a 30th birthday present to himself.
Has To Be Better Than
Coupling Go-Bots
Had A Cameo In
Goal! Scrubs
Show He Can't Get Enough Of
Footballers Wives Pimp My Ride
What He Usually Has In Tow
Sons Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz. A trailer
Success Means
Conquering the only place he isn't already an icon, and stopping the impending Spice Girls reunion tour. Transformers breaking the $300 million mark at the domestic box office -- and passing his emissions test.

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