June 26, 2012
Seinfeld and Sports
David Puddy :: AP Photo/Bill Kostroun

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Monday's A.M. Hot Clicks touched on the fun the Mets had with the chicken they named Little Jerry Seinfeld. We told you that even the comedian himself weighed in on the poultry lovefest. In honor of these events, SI.com put together this photo gallery that covers the history of all things Seinfeld and sports.
Selfish Or Not Selfish?
Newly retired LaDainian Tomlinson was recently asked whether he would have rather won a Super Bowl and not get in the Hall of Fame or get elected to the Hall and not have a ring. Tomlinson choose Hall of Fame without a ring. I found the answer selfish, and asked people on Twitter for their take. Vikings offensive lineman Geoff Schwartz weighed in, saying "I don't have much issue. Pros have 2 goals. Be best personally + help team. Guys will value one more than the other. but that doesn't mean they won't work to make both happen. Just didn't happen for LT so I can't fault him for saying that." Texans linebacker Connor Barwin responded by saying, "It does 'sound' selfish but I respect his honesty. Every great player is selfish and there is nothing wrong with that as long a you understand you aren't bigger than the team. In the end it's an unfair question bc every player should want both. But while you're playing it should always be about winning a SB bc u can control that."And last, but certainly not least, Paul "BizNasty" Bissonnette chimed in as only he could, opining, "That's the dumbest thing I've read since yesterday when I realized I spelt "ruff" instead of "rough" in one of my tweets." What do you guys think?

Overprotecting The Image
The story here isn't that Tim Tebow made some harmless jokes about former teammate Brady Quinn and Notre Dame. The story here is that Tebow's camp may have gotten the story squashed.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Belen Rodriguez :: Venturelli/Getty Images
Argentine model Belen Rodriguez has been in Hot Clicks before, mainly because she used to date an Italian soccer player. Today, she gets LLOD honors for this gallery.
Raul Mondesi Jr. is in the Brewers organization. He hit a game-tying homer for his team on Monday night. However, it turned out not to be a game-tying homer because he forgot to touch home plate.
Craigslist Items Of The Day
Two ads, two very different approaches. This guy goes for a long, detailed (and funny) story about the golf clubs he's trying to sell. This guy, who's in the market for a treadmill, plays it very short and sweet
Facebook Video Of The Day
If this is how Facebook actually worked, maybe it wouldn't be the worst site on the Internet.

Kate Upton Video Of The Day
Kate Upton. Doing things. Video. Enjoy. (Warning: Some shots may be NSFW.)

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