June 05, 2009
Best of the Rest
Name: Tony Hawk (tonyhawk)
Twitter Bio: professional skateboarder, dad, videogame character, husband, ceo, kid chauffeur
Followers: 782,000+
Sample Tweets:
"I want to wake up in a city that doesn't sleep... and find my flight is not delayed" 6:28 AM May 21st
"attending the knighting (!) of Scott Greenstein with Steve van Zandt, Richie Sambora and Martha Stewart. And you may ask yourself..." 4:30 PM May 20th

Name: Andy Roddick (andyroddick)
Twitter Bio: I play tennis. :-)
Followers: 18,000+
Sample Tweets:
"ok.... brooklyn just said " they would sell like hotcakes" do hotcakes sell well????? ........ what are hotcakes?" 12:34 PM May 21st
"heading over to practice from 12-2 with acasuso.. the wife is coming over today and i think we are finally gonna catch angels and demons!!" 3:24 AM May 20th

Name: Danica Patrick (DanicaPatrick)
Twitter Bio: Driver of the #7 Motorola, love to cook especially breakfast then workout running, weights, yoga
Followers: 11,000+
Sample Tweets:
"my crew is awsome!!!!!!! P4 with 37 laps to go." 3:57 PM May 24th
"after a long day of media and flying its time to chill and watch tv....im thinking the final episode of 24." 7:01 PM May 18th

Name: Stewart Cink (stewartcink)
Twitter Bio: UST AxivCore shaft in driver and 3wood, UST Attas shaft in 5wood, X100 in all irons
Followers: 281,000+
Sample Tweets:
"If I pit this iPhone up to my ear will I be able to hear you sing the birthday song to me today? That's right 36 yrs young." 9:11 AM May 21st
"Hope everyone enjoyed their rest last night! Too bad you weren't on the redeye with me back from Vegas. Guy puking in bag across isle." 6:24 AM May 15th

Name: Ryan Sheckler (RyanSheckler)
Twitter Bio: Professional Skateboarder.
Followers: 165,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Flying is lame! Real lame" 5:59 PM May 14th
"Lakers lakers lakers.. I hope artest goes east on the mamba! Gunna be a dope game #fb" 7:23 PM May 8th

Name: Justin Gimelstob (justingimelstob)
Twitter Bio: It's really me. Who would care enough to fake a profile for me?
Followers: 2,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Commentating with John McEnroe, and we are actually getting along!! I'm sweating my butt off sitting Courtside." 9:32 AM May 25th
"Just walked by Jessica Biel in Brentwood. She is cute." 6:28 PM May 19th

Name: Quinton Jackson (rampage4real)
Twitter Bio:There's nothing wrong with fighting for the right things.
Followers: 6,000+
Sample Tweets:
"I knocked the Rampage poser off of twitter!! Who's next?" 4:58 PM May 25th
"Tired as hell from clubbing last night! Can't get out of bed. Pimp down pimp down!!" 8:17 PM May 19th

Name: Jimmy Traina (JimmyTraina)
Twitter Bio: I'm a pop culture/sports fan who writes SI.com's daily Hot Clicks feature. Email me at jimmy_traina@simail.com
Followers: 2,000+
Sample Tweets:
"Caller just told Mike Francesa that he helped him get thru his time in prison. Then he suggested Yogi Berra replace Jerry Manuel. Seriously." 10:37 PM May 20th
"I think I got 9 million emails today about Maria Verchenova and I see she's No. 2 on Google Trends. Who unleashed her to the public?" 5:32 PM May 14th



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