May 20, 2010
Nomination Evaluation
Beyonce :: Frazer Harrison/Getty Harrison

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I received a press release yesterday about the 2010 BET Award nominations. Obviously, the stunning Beyonce finds herself in several categories, which is great for us because it gives me an excuse to link to some of her photos. But there were two nominations that stood out as truly bizarre. The first is in the category of Sportsman of the Year. The nominees are Carmelo Anthony, Usain Bolt, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James and Tiger Woods. Yes, Tiger Woods. As Sportsman of the Year. The other nomination that struck me as just a bit odd is in the category of Best New Artist. One of the people up for that award is someone who probably comes to all of our minds when we think "new artist" and "BET Awards." Justin Bieber.
Today's "Courting LeBron James" Update
My Chemical Romance has offered LeBron free tickets to their shows (for life) if he signs with the Knicks. Meanwhile, the folks from have put together this very solid video.
I Guess He Won't Be Running On The Field
My Yankee fan brethren (who are even found in space) might not have the best reputation, but check out what Joe Sports Fan discovered at a recent Cardinals game.
Quote Of The Day
Dwight Howard :: Doug Benc/Getty Images
If you're an Orlando Magic fan who just watched your team lose two home games to start the Eastern Conference finals, you can't be thrilled with this quote from Dwight Howard after Game 2: "There ain't nothing I can do about it, Game 2 is over, we can't replay Game 2. I did what I do every night ...Go home and play video games."
Soccer For Dummies
The Unlikely Fan wants to help out those of you (a.k.a. Americans) looking to bone up on your World Cup knowledge, so it's put together a preview piece that lists every one of the event's 32 teams alongside the American sports team it most parallels.
Vonn Does Wrigley
Linsday Vonn threw out the first pitch and sang Take Be Out To The Ballgame at Wrigley Field on Tuesday. Here is the video.
Sports Video Of The Day
T-Rex "threw out" the first pitch at last night's Memphis Redbirds game. It went about as well as you'd expect.

Arrest Video Of The Day?
They should've used handcuffs.

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