July 03, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Mallory Rubin
Big 12, Big Love
Anna Kournikova is like Texas A&M :: Michael Buckner/Getty Images : AP

The College Football Guys love their comparisons, and today they're pairing each Big 12 program with one of the women they've grown to love. Take Anna Kournikova, for example, who, like Texas A&M, focuses on the pageantry more than the play on the field.

Trading Places

Five years have passed since the ACC started raiding the Big East and the Orlando Sentinel says things haven't turned out as expected for the schools.

Dumb Arrest of the Day

Arkansas linebacker Wendel Davis put his fist through a car window after the car in question hit his scooter. Now, thanks to a hefty fine, he'll probably be riding scooters for the foreseeable future.

Get Soaked
It's summer, so break out your water guns. :: Frank Micelotta/Getty Images : Paul Hanna/Reuters

It's nearly impossible to predict when a massive water gun fight will break out, which is why it pays to always be prepared. Gizmodo's looking at five of this season's best water guns for less than $20. See how they score in "capacity," "advertised distance" and "face pain-o-meter."

The Beer Olympics

July 4th is pretty great. You sit around all day double-fisting juicy slices of watermelon and fat, sizzling cheese burgers, soak up the sun and the watch the fireworks when darkness falls. But even a great thing can get better, which is why OTR is telling you everything you need to know to host your very own Beer Olympics. (Hint: The Das Boot is involved).

Supersize Me

In December, this kid started a Facebook group called "If 100,000 people join, I'll eat every McDonald's value meal, #1-12." Recently, he met his membership goal and filmed his attempt to consume all 12 value meals in one sitting. He stopped after 10, however (which is to say, before choking down the lowest-of-lows in the value-meal world, a Fillet-o-Fish).

Bush, the College Years

Uncoached looked into the infamous Skull and Bones fraternity's initiation rituals, and wants you to know what everyone's (least) favorite President had to do while he was a pledge at Yale.

Color my World

Vanity Fair recently came out with its list of the next wave of teen superstars, and College Candy is ripping into the magazine for only including two minorities on a list of 28 kids.

Pop Culture Nugget

Wesley Snipes has begged out of jail.

Today In Hot Clicks
Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Attractive actresses in sports movies -- sort of ... Urinal for sports fans .. Bad celeb-inspired fads ... Athletes with the biggest Napoleon complexes ... Video: Soccer player trapped ... Torture in the car.

Odds and Ends

The latest argument for why the Pac-10 is a stronger football conference than the SEC ... Florida State's court date is set ... NBA ref Joey Crawford finally got his degree ... A giant catfish swallowed a soccer ball ... and then died.

One Man, Four Harmonies

Why form a band when there's YouTube?

Mop that Grease

Sticking with our McDonald's theme, here's the fast-food chain's custodial training video.

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