September 02, 2010
USC Fans :: Donald Miralle/Getty Images

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Those of you expecting to see Janko Tipsarevic's wife, Biljana Sesevic, leading off Hot Clicks this morning -- and based on the amount of e-mails and Tweets I got about her overnight, that's a lot of you -- I'm sorry to disappoint, but there's nothing I can do except link to her Google Images page. There are no shots of her on the wire services we use and SI photographers didn't shoot her while her husband upset Andy Roddick, 3-6, 7-5, 6-3, 7-6 (4) in the second round of the tournament.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's celebrate the opening of the college football season. The best game of the night is No. 15 Pitt at Utah (8:30 p.m. ET, Versus). USC is also in action at Hawaii (11 p.m. ET, ESPN). And while it's been a very rough offseason for the Trojans -- highlighted by the fact that Lane Kiffin is their new coach -- at least they have fans like the ones above as well as the Song Girls.

Sharp-Looking Schedules
As the college football season begins, one site you'll want to check out if you're a diehard fan is the oh-so-cool
Two More College Football Links breaks down the 13 fans at every college football game, while looks at the 50 most badass college football teams ever.
Nyjer Morgan :: AP
In case you missed it, there was a WILD melee during last night's Nationals-Marlins game. Apparently, the bad blood started the previous night when Nationals outfielder Nyjer Morgan threw a shoulder block into Marlins catcher Brett Hayes. Florida retaliated last night by hitting Morgan and then throwing behind him, which caused Morgan to charge the mound and all hell to break loose. Two things: One, make sure you watch Marlins first baseman Gaby Sanchez deliever a clothesline to Morgan that would've made Hacksaw Jim Duggan proud. Two, after the game, a few Florida players said they were upset at Morgan for stealing bases while the Nationals TRAILED by 11 runs. Now, everyone seems to be coming down on Morgan, but I never knew that stealing bases when you are DOWN IN THE FOURTH INNING was against baseball etiquette.
How 'Bout Them Packers?
The Green Bay Packers are so confident they'll be in Dallas for Super Bowl XLV on Feb. 6 that some members of the team attended a luncheon yesterday wearing cowboy hats, including quarterback Aaron Rodgers, who also sported a lariat and disturbing mustache.
Checking In With Gus
It's been a while since we've heard from Gus Johnson. The boisterous announcer is back with a new commercial in which he does his best Gus Johnson.
Pool Time
If you'd like to be in the Hot Clicks NFL Pick 'Em Pool, go to this site, find "Hot Clicks" and sign up. I'm not sure what the first-place prize will be yet, but hopefully I'll have an announcement on that soon.
Sports Video Of The Day
Here was the highlight of last night's Hard Knocks. Rex Ryan tears into his team and then announces it's time to have a snack. (Warning: F-bombs and other naughty words throughout.)

Music Video Of The Day
Todd, of Birmingham, Ala., says, "Jimmy, as you know Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram is hurt for Alabama, and his backup is getting a lot of hype -- Trent Richardson. He might be good, but this song is the worst thing I have ever heard. EVER."

90210 Video Of The Day
Today's date is 9-02-10. Get it? 90210. Anyway, fans of the '90s classic have declared today "90210 Day." In honor of that, here's a look at the women on the show, and below is my all-time favorite moment, right behind Scott Scanlon shooting himself.

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