January 05, 2010
Battle of the Giants
Shawn Bradley, Manute Bol :: Glenn James/Getty Images, John W. McDonough/SI/Getty Images

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In yesterday's P.M. Clicks, after I noted a recent trend of athletes challenging each other to a foot race, I asked who you'd like to see face off against one another. I thought maybe 10-15 people would write in but I got over 200 responses. The general trend seems to be some combination of fat coach vs. fat coach (Rex Ryan vs. Charlie Weis or Andy Reid was the most requested). Several people want to see Joe Paterno take on Bobby Bowden (with the winner to face John Wooden) in some sort of senior citizen challenge. A reader named Chad wanted a Steve Smith (Panthers) vs. Steve Smith (Giants) with the loser having to go by "Steven" instead of Steve. My three favorites are Greg Oden vs. Dick Bavetta (from John in Hoboken), Kelvin Sampson vs. the Verizon Wireless guy (John in Oklahoma), and my personal favorite, Manute Bol vs. Sean Bradley (courtesy of Tom in Virginia and Mike in Saskatchewan). Honorable mention goes to Trey who suggested Marisa Miller vs. Brooklyn Decker, mostly because it allows me to link to this pic of these swimsuit hotties.
Long snapper or Vice Presidential Candidate?
I did not do very well on this quiz.
Pat Burns on Tiger Woods
Tiger Woods has vanished from the public eye and his whereabouts has been the object of speculation since his Thanksgiving from hell. Luckily, the former NHL coach Pat Burns has solved the mystery, claiming that "an old friend in the highway patrol" gave him the scoop that Woods headed to a special doctor in Arizona to get plastic surgery on his broken teeth. Of course, this sounds eerily similar to a fake e-mail that made the rounds a few weeks ago. But this version came from Pat Burns, so it must be true.
Lovely Ladies of the Day
TCU Cheer Squad :: Jim Cowsert/Icon SMI
My inbox had 17 separate emails asking me to feature the TCU Cheerleading squad in today's Hot Clicks, and being a man of the people, I see no reason to deny this request. The cheerleader who stole the show, however, is Boise State's Tess Tracy, who gave her fiance (and Broncos offensive lineman) William Ames a full-on straddle and kiss to celebrate the victory. It's safe to say the postgame cheerleader-boyfriend exchange has evolved a lot since 1956.
Year of Erin
Not sure I agree that 2009 was the Year of Erin Andrews, but Jimmy will be back tomorrow and he is in love with her, so I'll throw him a bone. Personally, I think it was the year of Katy Perry, who went from somewhat unknown singer to cleavage machine. Congrats, Katy.
Random Links
Not to say that LeBron James is definitely coming to New York, but having an "I love NY" message on his new sneakers is a pretty strong hint ... Just kidding about the LeBron/NY shoes -- it was a hoax ... Holy Taco and The Bleacher Report break down the national championship game by comparing the females at each school ... This man won a couch potato contest.
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Letterman on the Wizards Video of the Day
David Letterman paid tribute to the NRA's favorite NBA team with a Top 10 of Washington Wizards explanations.

Turn Back the Clock Video of the Day
Juwan Howard, 37, gives Chris Kaman a facial during last night's Blazers-Clippers game.

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