August 02, 2007
Tale of the Tape's Cory McCartney sizes up one of cinema's and one of sport's biggest villains.
Darth Vader
Barry Bonds
Is The ...
Most reviled being in a galaxy far, far away. Most reviled being in a ballpark near you.
Covered With
Armor Armor
Body Is
Scientifically enhanced Allegedly scientifically enhanced
Weapon Of Choice
Lightsabre Jauregui Maple bat model J73
Typically Seen As
Heartless and self-absorbed. Pretty much the same.
Style Fopar From His Past
Bizarre rat-tail. Wristbands with his own picture on them.
Used To Be A
Jedi Pirate
Former Lover ...
Busted a gangsta rap on SNL. Will pose for Playboy.
Theme Song
Imperial March Nas' Hate Me Now.
Slightly Annoying Hanger-On
Jar-Jar Binks ESPN's Pedro Gomez

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