October 12, 2007
Tale of the Tape
SI.com's Cory McCartney pits The Boss against The Boss.
Bruce Springsteen
George Steinbrenner
Man Behind
The E Street Band The Yankees
Latest Offering
Fifteenth studio album, Magic Third straight first-round exit in postseason
Hails From
Freehold, N.J. Rocky River, Oh.
Dabbles In
Various relief and rebuilding efforts Horse racing
Impersonated By
Adam Sandler Oliver Platt
Springsteen Song That Best Suits Him
Local Hero Glory Days
Right-hand Man
Clarence Clemons Brian Cashman
Penchant For
Poetic lyrics and Americana sentiments Calzones
Don't Get Him Confused With
John Mellencamp Emperor Palpatine
Bespectacled Underling
Max Weinberg George Costanza

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