By Jack McCallum
May 29, 2009
The Week's Worst In Sports
You read this correctly

Phillies manager Charlie Manuel is sick of listening to Citizens Bank Park fans congratulating his team about last year's World Series win and instead wants them to the "get on them a little" so the Phillies, one of the league's best road teams but one of the worst at home in 2009, will get it in gear.
Nutt's job is to rehab nut job

The Ole Miss football coach is willing to give Jamar Hornsby another chance despite the fact that the safety was booted off of Florida's team after being convicted of four counts of credit card fraud, then, shortly after receiving Nutt's scholarship offer, charged with felony assault and petit larceny for allegedly using brass knuckles to beat up a man and steal $6 at a McDonald's drive-thru.
It's chilly in the North Country

As franchise legends Fran Tarkenton and Chuck Foreman spar publicly over Brett Favre -- the legendary scrambling QB thinks what Favre put the Packers through last season was "despicable," while ol' number 44 believes that Tark's opinions were "demeaning" to a great player -- Vikings defensive tackle Pat Williams told NFL Sirius Radio that incumbent quarterback Tarvaris Jackson has "to put in more time than what he's doing" to be a success in the league.
And Favre has yet to set his sights on Lucas Oil Stadium

Peyton Manning, the leader of one of the NFL's model franchises and known for keeping its dirty laundry private, is upset at the "poor communication" and the fact that "somebody says one thing, then somebody else says another thing," after the retirement, then rumored possible return, of assistant offensive coaches Tom Moore and Howard Mudd.
Against all odds, the phrase "sudden death" did not make into the rant

Reaching deep into his mixed-sport-metaphor bag to trash Sonia Sotomayor, President Obama's Supreme Court nominee, the commentator opined that "our government needs to keep their eye on the ball when nominating Supreme Court justices," and that "right now it's the bottom of the ninth and we are down to our last out and our last strike" and wondered if our government will "take strike three looking or will they wake up and save the day with a heroic three-pointer on a penalty shot?"
We see you trying to hide in the back of the room, Lane Kiffen

Commissioner Mike Slive drew praise for his behind-closed-doors reprimand of the coaches for the frequent verbal sparring that's dogged the league over the last several months.
Speaking of hiding ...

The organization changed its policy so that, after the 2010 season, coaches who vote in the final regular-season poll can keep their ballots confidential.
But not interesting enough to leave the juniors

Noting that their offer "was more than interesting," Patrick Roy, the Hall of Fame goaltender who led the Avs to two Stanley Cups, turned down the struggling franchise's head-coaching offer to remain in his co-owner/GM/head coaching position with the Quebec Ramparts of the Quebec Major Hockey League.
Jerry Rice, however, is the best of all-time hands up

In an interview with ESPN, the Patriots wide receiver declared himself "the best wide receiver of all-time, hands down."
Hey, the honeymoon lasted almost two months

As the Blue Grass university prepared for a public relations nightmare involving former basketball coach Billy Gillispie -- he is suing for $6 million in lost wages, while the university countersued that he was working under a "memorandum of understanding" and didn't have a contract -- the man for whom he was fired, John Calipari, learned that the NCAA is investigating the University of Memphis for alleged recruiting violations that occurred on his watch.
Phoenix Suns guard Steve Nash, on vacation in his wife's homeland:

I love Paraguay. Soy el hombre del pueblo! Music is improving. Beer is cold. People are wonderfulllllll! Vamos carajo!!!!! Y Dale Olimpia!


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