By Jack McCallum
March 27, 2009
The Week's Worst In Sports
Is there any chance -- I'm just asking -- there's a little too much Tebow love going on?

Not long after coach Urban Meyer had the quarterback's memorable speech (given after Florida's loss to Ole Miss) engraved on a plaque and placed outside the entrance to the new football facility at Florida Field, which itself followed the carving of a 7½-foot-tall tree homage to Tim Tebow that stands outside a Gainesville restaurant, comes an interview with new Florida QB coach Scot Loeffler in which he says Tebow has a "miraculous way of dealing with the public" and that he is "awesome in every sense of the word."
A glance at the inspirational Tebow plaque -- or at least the tree carving -- might be in order before the 2010 tournament

At the Sweet 16 mark, Vanderbilt is the only conference team left of the seven that were in the NCAA tournament, a blow to a league that has had seven of its 12 schools in the Final Four and boasts eight national titles.
Inspired insight from a guy playing nine minutes a game and averaging 2.8 points

The backup center said during a radio interview that his Dallas Mavericks, the potential eighth seed in the NBA's Western Conference playoffs, would have a chance against the top-seeded Los Angeles Lakers because Kobe Bryant "has issues trusting his teammates" and he believes that the Mavs can "kind of get Kobe into playing a little 1-on-1 or doing a little too much."
The early line does not include the Marley and Me writer

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Michael Vick has been working on a book while in prison and may be seeking a co-author to polish the manuscript.
Deja stu-pidity

Having blown a road game against the Los Angeles Clippers last month by hanging on the rim and slapping the backboard and drawing a technical foul that led to an overtime loss, the New York Knicks forward again hung on the rim after a dunk, leading to a technical foul and another OT loss to the same Clippers at Madison Square Garden.
Al Harrington caught the mistake immediately

On "Reading to Succeed Night," the NBA club distributed a poster made from an illustration on which former player Sam Mitchell is wearing a jersey that says "Woves."
They're also praying that the team not go 74-88 again

Calling the 1:05 p.m., Good Friday home opener at Comerica Park an "insult," some fans have asked that the club try to reschedule so that the first pitch does not interfere with traditional observance.
It's not the big club that's committing a mortal sin

The West Michigan Whitecaps, a Class A affiliate of the Tigers located in Grand Rapids, will offer at its home games a four-pound, 4,800-calorie artery-clogger of a "sandwich" that includes five burger patties, five slices of cheese, a one-pound bun, salsa and a cup of chili.
Let's hope the Whitecaps don't draw inspiration from this for a beverage promotion

The Brazilian-born MMA fighter says he drinks his own urine every day for health reasons in keeping with a family tradition.
But into the void left by Agent Zero a new star emerges (see below)

Washington Wizards guard Gilbert Arenas, universally recognized as the first blogging superstar, has announced that he has "retired" from blogging because it has proved to be "just like the double-edged sword thing" and that "it made me and it's going to kill me."
CHANTELLE ANDERSON of the Atlanta Dream, making her second straight appearance, on why men use the "lesbian factor" as an excuse to hate women's basketball:

" love lesbians, as long as they're straight. I realize a straight lesbian is a total oxymoron. But what I mean is, men don't mind girls getting drunk and making out with each other, or singing songs about kissing girls, because at the end of the day, those same girls are still in the market for men. Meaning the guys still have a chance to have sex with them. But as soon as you remove the do-ability factor, the hope that he might have a chance of getting her in bed, men all the sudden are not that interested."
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