By Jack McCallum
June 05, 2009
The Week's Worst In Sports
Yeah, this will be resolved by November

Vince Young said that he wants to be traded if he's not the starter over Kerry Collins, though his agent says that's not what he meant, and head coach Jeff Fisher insists that Young "is eventually going to be our starting quarterback," except that he's entirely satisfied with Collins right now.
Clip n' save quote

Despite Tom Glavine's impressive rehab performance in the minors, the club stunningly released the 43-year-old southpaw and 305-game winner, accompanied by these words from general manager Frank Wren: "We've been evaluating [Glavine] the last four weeks and everyone felt we had a better chance to win at the major-league level with one of our younger pitchers."
You guys have any idea what Rocky went through?

Several days after the scheduled May 30 bout between WBA "champion in recess" Ruslan Chagaev and Nikolai Valuev fell through due to Chagaev's medical problems, the heavily hyped June 20 match between IBF/WBO champion Wladimir Klitschko and British challenger David Haye was called off due to an injury Haye suffered in training.
As Lombardi once said, practicing in June isn't everything -- it's the only thing

The Jacksonville Jaguars coach torched veteran John Henderson, a two-time Pro Bowler at defensive tackle, for missing a practice session with a shoulder injury, saying that it was only "a minor bruise" and "not something that should keep anybody out of work" and that "Vince Lombardi is probably rolling over."
They might consider signing up a couple dozen crisis managers, too

The soft drink company has signed John Daly as an endorser (he will sport the Big Red brand on his golf bag) partly because, according to Daly's agent, "Corporate America believes in his comeback."
A performance that not even John Daly can top

After ingesting hallucinogenic mushrooms, the pro skateboarder stripped naked, climbed onto the roof of his home in Redondo Beach, Calif., and began holding what police said were "fragmented, interrupted conversations with people that weren't there." In a subsequent interview with the Daily Breeze, the 2006 TransWorld Skateboarding's Rookie of the Year admitted "it was obviously something I shouldn't have done" ... as he rolled a joint.
Perhaps they were hit in the head one too many times

Despite entreaties by the NHL players association, league execs, many of whom are former players, elected not to outlaw hits to the head, although they did agree to add a General Manger of the Year award.
At least they didn't cut live to the NHL GM meeting

After Game 3 of the NHL finals, the network held its postgame show for 30 minutes so it could broadcast that night's normal -- if that word can be used -- episode of Sports Soup.
The game is fantasy -- the rating is reality

After learning that his rating had plummeted 25 points in EA's Madden video game, the Washington Redskins cornerback is "disappointed in the [rating] system" and "thinking about trying to get my name and likeness pulled off the game," but assures us it's a "good thing I don't play the game for Madden ratings."
A bit premature since the kid probably isn't even the best QB in the conference

Among the anonymous assessments run by the football magazine, one by a Big Ten assistant coach compared Iowa junior quarterback Ricky Stanzi to "a young Tom Brady," with comparable mechanics, efficiency and field awareness.
Pro golfer Michelle Wie in response to ... well, something:

"hahhahah awkward ballooooooon! and dont forget...poop on a stick! lol"


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