December 11, 2007
Tale of the Tape's Cory McCartney sizes up two aging icons.
Bobby Bowden
Larry King
78 74
Won an FBS-record 373 games Conducted over 40,000 interviews
Trademark Accessory
Sunglasses Suspenders, glasses
When He Started ...
(1954) RCA made first color TV (1957) Dodgers announced move to L.A.
Member Of
College Football Hall of Fame Radio Hall of Fame
Waiting In The Wings
Jimbo Fisher Ryan Seacrest?
Out Of Touch Moment
Chastising reporters because they "listen to eBay and e-mail and all that junk." The Jerry Seinfeld interview
Will Retire
Whenever he wants Whenever he wants
Game Plan Used To Include
Creative, innovative play-calling Direct questions
Game Plan Now Includes
Letting someone else worry about that stuff Tossing softballs
Cartoon Character He Resembles
Yogi Bear Skeletor

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