April 26, 2010
Delicious Documentary
Octopus :: Bruce Bennett/Getty Images

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Throwing octopi on the ice at a Red Wings game has been a tradition for ages. The video found here, however, gives you an inside look at how fans pull this off. Actually, I'm not sure all fans keep the octopi in their crotch region and then end up in jail, but that's the story of these characters.
Draft Leftover
In case you didn't catch Mister Irrelevant over the weekend, MisterIrrelevant.com (of course) has a must-see post on Weber State's Tim Toone. After you see Toone, I'm sure you'll want to see him in action. You can do that here.
Wrestling Blunders
Since there was a WWE pay-per-view last night, and this evening's Monday Night Raw centers around the organization's answer to the NFL draft, this is a good time to look at 14 wrestling fails.
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Brandi Williams : Maxim.com
Matt Simone, of Eugene, Ore., says, "Jimmy, I don't know if you watch any of the poker shows, but Brandi Williams hosts Ultimate Poker Challenge and you really need to feature her. I'd make some bad poker pun, like 'I love to watch her flop,' but I have to much respect for you, so I'm just passing along the suggestion." Since Matt passed on the puns, I think I can feature Brandi.
Lawrence Lightweight
Friday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured a video of Lawrence Taylor saying he didn't remember much from the day he got drafted by the Giants because he had downed 41 Coors Lights. Well, Jesse T., of New York City, reminds us that Taylor is a lightweight compared to Wade Boggs.
Sports Video Of The Day
Let's check in with some Kobe Bryant fans.

Betty White Video Of The Day
After folks across the Internet made their voices known, Betty White finally hosts Saturday Night Live next weekend (check out the promo). Let the video below serve as a warm up.

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