By Marty Burns
February 14, 2005
NBA Power Rankings
Rank LW Team
16 22 Let's see ... they lose five out of six and yet climb six spots in the Power Rankings? Does Kobe really make that much of difference? The guess here is that he does.
17 16 It's a Small World After All: Allen Iverson lit up the Magic Kingdom with a career-high 60 points in Saturday's win at Orlando. It was the most points ever scored by a player under 6-foot-5.
18 18 Lost in all the hoopla over Reggie Miller's retirement announcement is that they've quietly been playing better of late. Sunday's win over the Grizzlies was their fourth in six games.
19 11
Orlando Magic (27-24)
After getting torched by Iverson, they nearly were done in by Dan Dickau's career-high 28 in Sunday's win over the Hornets. Apparently the Doug Christie acquisition hasn't solved all their defensive issues.
20 17 Kevin McHale lost his coaching debut Sunday against the Bulls. No word on whether he was counting the bolts in the Target Center floor instead of drawing up Xs and Os in the team huddle.
21 24 Michael Redd's consecutive game streak ended at 212 when he sat out Saturday with a sprained finger. Still, they managed to beat the Hawks to make it five victories in their last six contests.
22 21 Sunday's loss in Toronto was their fifth straight, all on the road, as they continue to ride a roller coaster. At least Shaun Livingston (knee) has returned to give them a glimpse of the future.
23 20 Does Darius Miles have some "dirt" on the Blazers that he's threatening to expose? And is Zach Randolph still upset about his role? Somewhere Rasheed Wallace and Isaiah Rider are cackling.
24 23 Speaking of circuses, this one just keeps getting weirder and weirder with the Alonzo Mourning and Rafer Alston situations and now Vince's mom telling reporters her son once tussled with coach Sam Mitchell.
25 26 Start up the Flip Saunders-to-Gotham rumors. Unless, of course, those big wins last week over the Jazz and Bobcats were enough to save Herb Williams' job. Yeah, right.
26 25
Utah Jazz (17-33)
Farewell to the Mailman. The NBA's all-time greatest power forward hung it up Sunday at the Delta Center. Given the Jazz' record, doesn't it seem like this all should have been happening last year?
27 27 They lost at home to the Suns on Sunday, and have a back-to-back this week against the Mavs (at home) and the Sonics (at Key Arena). The All-Star break can't come soon enough for them.
28 28 Rest easy, Big Easy. Baron Davis is back, and Friday's win over the Warriors was magic win No. 10, meaning your team can't catch the '72-73 Sixers for worst record of all time.
29 29
Atlanta Hawks (10-39)
Antoine Walker says he wouldn't mind sticking around if the team decides not to trade him before the Feb. 24 deadline. Still, he might not want to unpack his bags just yet.
30 30 In his return to action, Emeka Okafor reaggravated his left ankle sprain in Friday's loss to Shaq and the Heat. That means the 'Cats stay down here until somebody proves otherwise.

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