January 25, 2010
What A Shame
Vikings cheerleaders :: Courtesy of Vikings.com

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How do I even begin to summarize last night's Saints-Vikings game? The outcome wasn't a complete shock because karma got Minnesota after Prince made that embarrassing tribute song, and Brett Favre jumped on the Pants on the Ground bandwagon. But who could've guessed Favre would throw a pick that cost the Vikings the game? Oh yeah, that wasn't a crazy guess because it's happened before, even though the NFL media doesn't like you to remember those things. Now, before you write in an ask why I'm so anti-Favre, let me be clear: Favre isn't the issue as much as it is the over-the-top coverage of Favre. I mean, do we really need updates on his smiling? Or a million shots of his wife in the stands when we get none of Kim Kardashian? The bottom line is this: The interception he threw at the end of regulation was so bad on so many levels (threw across his body, could've ran for several yards to get in field goal range, etc.), but it will get swept under the rug because we have to hear about how banged up he was (because no QB ever gets banged up during a game) and how much fun he has out there and how the pick doesn't matter because he's a gunslinger. In the end, he caused this Minnesota fan to put his allegiance on eBay and he cost the Vikings and their cheerleaders a chance to go to the Super Bowl. Oh wait, that's a good thing because now we don't have to endure the Favre lovefest for two weeks!
One Last Thing On Favre...
This is soooooo good it has to be a separate item. The Minnesota radio call (Paul Allen on play-by-play, Pete Bercich on color) of Favre's interception is epic.
Bettors' Beware
The Super Bowl line already has moved.
Digger Gets Down
Digger Phelps :: Joe Robbins/Getty Images
It's impossible to do this video justice, so just check out Digger Phelps dancing with a Clemson cheerleader to Kelly Clarkson.
Please Let This Be A New Trend
You must read the story of a Georgia Bulldogs basketball fan who attended Saturday's game against Tennessee covered in peanut butter.
Craiglist Item Of The Day
Who wants some pieces of a shattered backboard from a Oklahoma-Gonzaga game?
Sports Video Of The Day
Here's a song for the Saints fans.

Save The Date Video Of The Day
Check out this couple who turned their wedding save-the-date into a movie trailer. (Thanks to Ryan Scopelliti, of, Fairfield, Conn., and Rob Greenberg, of Bethesda, Md., for the link.)

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