May 28, 2010
Lovely Lady Of The Day
Brittany Snow :: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images

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Hing, of Seattle, says, "Hi, Jimmy! My birthday is this weekend, Sunday to be exact. I was wondering if you could feature Brittany Snow for me? She's cute and has that wholesome look about herself. Plus, she was good lookin' in John Tucker Must Die. That's right, I said it! Thanks, Jimmy!"
Programming Note
Andy Gray will provide you with a fresh edition of Hot Clicks on Monday. E-mail him link submissions at I will be back on Tuesday. In the meantime, here are the best videos from the past week.
Maybe He's Claustrophobic
Don't crowd the locker of Jason Williams!

Grand Finale
Erin Andrews wrapped up her stint on Dancing With The Stars with this.

Knee Rehab Is Going Well
Wes Welker cuts a rug at a Celtics game.

She's Angry!
Don't interrupt Criminal Minds!

Slap Happy
These two soccer players show you how not to fight.

Not Exactly Objective Announcing
White Sox announcer Ken "Hawk" Harrelson gets irate when things don't go well for his team.

Singing Seahawk
Golden Tate belts out some Taylor Swift.

Drink Up
This Cubs fans shows off some impressive skills.

'Don't Touch Me'
This confrontation between a reporter and PR person is epic.


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