November 25, 2009
Tradition Or Time For A Change?
Broncos Cheerleaders ::


You know the NFL slate on Thanksgiving. Packers at Lions. Raiders at Cowboys. Giants at Broncos. Obviously, the perfect time to bring the bird to the table Thursday will be right when Oakland-Dallas kicks off. This leads to the question that comes up every year: Should the NFL continue the tradition of having the Lions and Cowboys play on Thanksgiving. Vote in the poll below to let us know what you think. On a side note, three of the six teams (Detroit, Green Bay and New York) playing on Thanksgiving don't have cheerleaders. Dallas' cheerleader Web site is a trainwreck and the Raiders, well, they're the Raiders. So I'm thankful today for the Broncos cheerleaders.

Speaking Of Thanksgiving...
It's the perfect time to reminisce about the man who used to get REALLY excited about the holiday -- John Madden. NESW has a video tribute to the Turkducken lover while the Sports Pickle has Madden's secret recipe for the chicken that's shoved into a duck that's shoved into a turkey. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)
PETA's Brilliant Idea
What will Georgia do now that its mascot, Uga VII, passed away last Thursday. PETA has a suggestion. It wants to school to use a robot as its next mascot. Seriously.
Yup, It's Real
Florida Gators wedding cake
The Angry T has the full report on this edible Florida Gators wedding cake.
Bizarre Injury Of The Day
Ottawa Senators goaltender Pascal Leclaire will miss a month because of a broken cheekbone. He was injured while sitting on the bench.
Fun With Photos
This tremendous NBA photo leads into this collection of 163 pictures of awesomeness.
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Sports Video Of The Day
Via Tirico Suave comes this look at how Urban Meyer is struggling with senior day.

Absurd Commercial/Product Of The Day
The highlight -- make that, lowlight -- comes at the 57-second mark. "No more wrinkled clothes trying to get your shoes on." WTF? (Thanks to Ken, of Alpharetta, Ga., for the link.)

Blake Lively Video Of The Day
The sheer hotness of Blake Lively visited Jimmy Fallon's show Monday night. And in breaking Lively news, she'll be hosting Saturday Night Live on Dec. 5. (Thanks to Adam Harrison-Friday, of Enfield, Conn., for the link.)

Marisa Miller Video Of The Day
The sheer hotness of Marisa Miller visited Conan O'Brien's show Tuesday night. (Fast forward to the 32-minutue mark.)

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