February 04, 2010
Five Days 'Til Swimsuit
Brooklyn Decker :: SI

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Hot Clicks continues its week-long countdown to SI's Swimsuit Issue with another exclusive picture from the 2010 collection (launching on SI.com Feb. 9). On Tuesday, we featured Irina Shayk, and we got a peek at Julie Henderson on Wednesday. Up today is a Hot Clicks Nation favorite, Brooklyn Decker, who has appeared in the Swimsuit Issue since 2006.
Mayhem In Morgantown
One of the most underrated things in sports is when a coach gets on the arena mic to reprimand the crowd. It happened last night in West Virginia, where fans were throwing things at Pitt players. Mondesi's House has the video of Mountaineers coach Bob Huggins telling the fans to knock it off and another great clip of the TV announcer going ballistic over what took place.
I Will Not Make A Bank Shot Joke
Most of us get excited when we get a free pen at the bank (Love you, Commerce!), but how would you like to shoot some hoops the next time you go to make a financial transaction?
Robert Van Winkle In The House
Vanilla Ice :: Ron Turenne/Getty Images
Last night. Nets at Raptors. Halftime. Vanilla Ice. Enjoy.
Random Links
Tommy Lasorda + Twitter = This. ... Another New York Mets embarrassment. ... Remember the Phillies fan who put herself on Craigslist to get Yankees-Phillies World Series tickets? Her lawyer is using an interesting defense.
Super Bowl Links
The 10 worst Super Bowl commercials of all time. ... Super Bowl lookalikes. ... Super Bowl heroes and goats: Where are they now?
Saints Video Of The Day
Luckily for us, these fan videos are getting more and more over the top. Here's a spoof of the Real World featuring some Saints fans. (Thanks to Galen R. Bernard, of Abbeville, La., for the link.)

Bad Commercial Of The Day
Shawn, of Columbus, Ohio, says, "This commercial is just off-the-charts ridiculous. The jingle is so bad I can't help but laugh every time I hear it, along with the fact that some hot woman is going to put a can of Barbasol down and make her man shave before "she blows out a candle" is simply amazing. I can't get enough of it."

Another Bad Commercial Of The Day
I really can't keep track of all the Super Bowl commercial controversies, but this Go Daddy ad featuring Danica Patrick was apparently banned by CBS, although it's completely unclear why, unless lame and not funny or interesting were the reasons.

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