March 26, 2012
Honesty Is The Best Policy

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Spurs coach Gregg Popovich decided to tell the truth when he sent in his lineup card before San Antonio's game against Philadelphia yesterday. Tim Duncan, as you can see in the box score above, sat out because he's old. Meanwhile, on Saturday, Fox Sports Midwest had no idea who the Cardinals had on third base late in the game, so it used this description.
If This Doesn't Draw Fans, Nothing Will
This is what will happen every time a Marlin hits a home run in the team's new ballpark.
Concession Item Of The Day
The Texas Rangers will be a selling a two-foot-long hot dog for $26 this season.
Photo Gallery Of The Day
Brooklyn Decker :: Warwick Saint/SI
Brooklyn Decker just did a photo shoot for DT magazine. I don't know what DT magazine is, but I do know you'll want to click this.
Jumping The Gun?
I know it won't happen, but it would be fun to see what this Virginia native would do if the Colts threw everyone a curve ball and took Robert Griffin with the first pick of the NFL draft.
Great Time Waster
Here's a site that posts videos of two guys who reply to a Craigslist ads and then do something bizarre (which is filmed via a hidden camera) when they meet the people for the transaction. I highly recommend the second video on the page.
The Hot Clicks Podcast
In case you missed it last week, John Cena and Rob Gronkowski were guests on The Hot Clicks Podcast. Both interviews can be found here.
Sports Video Of The Day
Baylor never had much of a chance against Kentucky yesterday, but that didn't stop this Bears fan from dancing as passionately and as energetically as possible.

Local News Video Of The Day
It's all fun and games until some nut pulls a gun on a reporter.

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