December 04, 2008
Tale of the Tape
Extra Mustard's Paul Tinelli looks at two guys who shouldn't play with guns.
Plaxico Burress
Ralphie Parker
Harris Smith Messy Marvin
Shot Himself
In the thigh In the eye
Got the Gun For?
Protection Christmas
Gun of Choice
Plaxico Burress
Ralphie Parker
.40 Caliber Glock Official Red Ryder Carbine-Action 200 Shot Range Model Air Rifle
Punishment For Bad Behavior
Four-game suspension Mouth washed out with soap
Other Embarrassments
Numerous fines Dad's leg lamp
Has A Busy
Lawyer Imagination
Has Run-Ins With
Tom Coughlin Scut Farkus & Grover Dill
Plaxico Burress
Ralphie Parker
Super Bowl Little Orphan Annie Decoder

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