October 08, 2007
The Links
Pong 101

Iowa State tailgaters enjoy a game of beer pong.:: David E. Klutho/SI
Forget football -- the most popular game among college students is beer pong. For those new to the sport, IvyGate breaks down the rules, customs, traditions and everything else you need to know. For those who are already masters, we suggest you sign up for the World Series of Beer Pong.
You Lose, You Booze
As coach always says, the best way to get over a loss to a 40-point underdog is to party at a Los Angeles nightclub and drown your sorrow in alcohol. At least that's what John David Booty and some other Trojans thought.
Fun in the Heartland
For those Iowa State students looking to jazz up their sex life, we suggest you pony up $5 this semester and join Cuffs, a student organization dedicated to BDSM (bondage and discipline, domination and submission, and sadomasochism). I mean, it's Ames, Iowa. What else are you gonna do?
Zima, Please
Attention men: Don't ever, under any circumstances, go to a bar and order a martini or white zinfandel. Campus Squeeze has the rest of the list of drinks men should never order. Check it out.
Ben & Jerry Hit Harvard

Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield (Ben and Jerry) pose with Stephen Colbert.:: Scott Wintrow/Getty Images
In a blatant attempt to get free ice cream, the Harvard Lampoon inducted Bennett Cohen and Jerry Greenfield -- the co-founders of Ben & Jerry's -- as honorary members. To celebrate, the duo gave away 1,000 scoops of free ice cream of its newest flavor -- Lampoon Berry Swirl -- to local residents.
Today in Hot Clicks
New Anna Kournikova bikini photos ... Two awful broadcast blunders during USC game ... Most ridiculous Brett Favre quotes ... Ways to cheer up Mets, Cubs fans
Wild Thing
At the request of his fiancée Charlie Sheen is getting all 13 of his tattoos lasered off, including one of a wooden sign nailed to his chest above his heart that reads, "Back in 15 minutes."
Odds and Ends
Jerry Glanville's Portland State Vikings went for a game-winning two-point conversion Saturday -- and missed it ... UMass students are meeting with state officials to complain about the ridiculous cost of textbooks ... At Nebraska-Omaha, bake sales are no longer permitted on university property due to health concerns.
Videos of the Day
One More Reason to Love Gator Girls
Florida may have lost to LSU on Saturday, but we had trouble focusing on the game.
Stanford's Savior
After pulling off one of the biggest upsets in college football history, Stanford coach Jim Harbaugh addresses the student body.
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