December 28, 2007
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Beard For Sale

West Virginia :: Damian Strohmeyer
It's been a tough few weeks to be a West Virginia football fan. You lose your coach, Rich Rodriguez, to Michigan before the Fiesta Bowl, lose the support of affluent boosters and now you're even losing your beard. Well, at least one is, and he's selling it on eBay if you'd like to own the beard that has "experienced moments of joy and moments of sadness this season."
Ohio State Wolverines
Apparently Ohio State has joined forces with Michigan in attempt to bring the BCS National Championship home to the Big Ten this season. The early line still has LSU a field goal favorite over the newly formed team.
Driving Off
It's no secret that Darren McFadden will leave Arkansas after the Cotton Bowl and head to the NFL. Too bad no one told him to keep a low-profile (i.e. not rolling around in a brand new Cadillac Escalade) until he officially makes his decision after the bowl game.
California Love?
It should be easy to recruit players to UCLA. A campus surrounded by Sunset Blvd., the Rose Bowl as your home stadium and co-eds that like to run around campus in their underwear. So why can't UCLA attract a big-name coach? Jim Mora Jr., Chris Peterson and Steve Mariuci are the latest names to pass on being interviewed for the job.
Chief Concern

Chief Illiniwek :: AP
Chief Illiniwek has been dead for nearly a year now, but with a Rose Bowl less than a week away, some Illini fans are hoping that their dear old chief will make a triumphant return. The chances of that happening, however, seem about as dim as the Illini's shot at upsetting USC.
Rose Bored
Speaking of the Rose Bowl, playing in "The Grandaddy of Them All" is about as exciting to USC players as, well, playing with your granddaddy. After playing in the Rose Bowl four out of the past five years, they would much rather be in South Beach or on Bourbon Street.
Pop Culture Nugget
Not only is Jessica Alba having Cash Warren's baby, the couple just announced that they also are engaged. They celebrated the good news like most would - by having lunch with a two-time NBA MVP in Beverly Hills.
Videos of the Day
Do the Saban

We all know that Nick Saban can dance his way out of job commitments, now our friends at EDSBS show us that he can move just as slyly on the dance floor.

Payne-staking Gift

Usually when a young fan runs up to a football player on the field after the game, he'll toss him a glove or a wristband. Not Mitch Payne. No, the BYU kicker took about 30 seconds trying to peel off the Y logo on his helmet to give to a Cougars fan after the Las Vegas Bowl.

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