December 30, 2008
Campus Clicks
By Eric Horowitz
Secret Agent Man
Andre Smith broke one of college sports' cardinal rules. :: Derick Hingle/Icon SMI

There are only two rules for being a student athlete. Don't put offensive material on your Facebook page, and don't talk to agents. Andre Smith, the man Mel Kiper Jr. called "tall, muscular, and curvaceous," couldn't follow the second rule; now Alabama will play its bowl game without a star left tackle. Good thing the Tide only made the Sugar Bowl and not the BCS Championship Game. They would be kicking themselves.

A Trivial History Lesson

Think the magicJack St. Petersburg Bowl is the most absurd game in history? Think again. The Legend of Cecilio Guante has a rundown on some defunct bowl games that make the Meineke Car Care Bowl sound like the Rose Bowl.

Money Talks

Someday you may decide to make a significant donation to your alma mater (if you have copious amounts of disposable income).Before you sign the check, I ask that you think about these six unconventional college donations. What's the point of being rich if people don't remember you for your crazy philanthropy.

Will Pay Handsomely For Football Coach
This bulldog isn't that scary, is he? :: Jerry Cooke/Sports Illustrated

Yale attracts lots of students. But attracting a football coach is proving to be a significant challenge. Last week new Florida offensive coordinator Steve Addazio became the third candidate to remove his name from consideration for the Yale head coaching job. I've got two words for Yale. Romeo Crennel.

No Duke or Oklahoma?

The schedule makers have done the Rutgers basketball team no favors. Before the Scarlet Knights even finish recovering from the shellacking they got from No. 1 UNC, No. 3 Pitt will be in town. Then three days later they're off to Storrs to face No. 2 Connecticut. On the bright side, there will be no surprises when Rutgers meets these teams again in the Final Four (or the first round of the Big East tournament ... if they get that far.)

That's One Improvement

We wish Charlie Weis a speedy recovery after successfully undergoing knee replacement surgery. If only replacing the entire Notre Dame football program was that easy.

Real Life Investigative Journalism

Apparently college football and college basketball players have low SAT scores. And thanks to this story, every big-time student-athlete (even the studious ones) will now get treated like they're dumb. I'm sure they're ecstatic about this breaking news.

The David Who Slew Goliath

Portland State's victory over Gonzaga officially put them on the college basketball map. The Mid-Majority takes a look at the diminutive man who sunk the Zags.

Pop Culture Nugget

He loves me. He loves me not. He loves me. He loves me not. So now Gisele and Brady aren't engaged? Clearly they're off getting a quickie wedding on some Caribbean island as we speak, and all this "not engaged" stuff is just there to trick the paparazzi.

Today In Hot Clicks
Tori Praver :: Stewart Shining/SI

A sad day, indeed, for the NFL postseason ... A few suggestions for some New Year's resolutions ... A weekly diary of the NFL's worst team ever ... The Cheeleader Showdown has crowned a winner ... Cowboys earn a trip to the woodshed.

Odds and Ends

An off night for Stephen Curry (relatively speaking) ... the Hawaii Bowl was more interesting than you thought ... I believe this could set a legal precedent ... the line between holiday spirit and alcoholism continues to blur.

The World's Hottest iPhone App

Soon to be followed by the iPuke application.

The Middle of the Middle of Nowhere

You'll never look at tumbleweeds the same way again.

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