January 04, 2008
The Links
Raking in the Dough in Chapel Hill

Chapel Hill is now the official home of the nation's most valuable basketball program. :: Rich Frishman/SI
Forbes Magazine has put out its list of the most valuable college basketball programs and North Carolina is at the top of the list, raking in $26 million last year. Speaking of UNC hoops, we were quite impressed with Tyler Hansbrough's 360 dunk.
Mama Rodriguez Fights Back
How bad has the anti-Rich Rodriguez movement gotten in Morgantown? So bad that Arleen Rodriguez, Rich's mom, was forced to write a letter to the editor of the Fairmont Times-West Virginian Thursday complaining about threats to the family and damaged property after her son's exit to Ann Arbor. She also requested folks donate money to charity instead of buying negative T-shirts (like this one).
College Basketball's Best Names
Dominitrix Johnson, Thanasi Panagiotakopoulos, Picasso Simmons. We can't make these names up. The Bleacher Report weighs in with the rest of the nation's top names.
Fire Isiah! Go to Jail!
We've been wanting to link to a SUNY-related item and we finally have a chance. A 22-year-old SUNY-Geneseo student was arrested by NYC police for trying to sell "Fire Isiah" T-shirts outside Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night, hauled away in handcuffs, fingerprinted and held in a jail cell for three hours. At least he didn't have to watch another Knicks loss.
Head Scratcher
Forget Mark Mangino and Ron Zook. Lloyd Carr was honored with the Bobby Dodd Coach of the Year Award. And we're not the only ones completely shocked by this decision.
Tennessee Fans ... in Korea?

Knoxville isn't the only place one can hear Rockytop. :: AP
We had no idea UT football was such a hit overseas until we saw this class of (what looks like) 6-year-old Korean students singing Rockytop.
The New Wizard of Westwood
Rick Neuheisel is settling in nicely at UCLA, and he's got the outgoing voicemail message to prove it.
Pop Culture Nugget
The next season of American Idol doesn't begin for another week and a half, but we have some Idol gossip: Both Taylor Hicks and Ruben Studdard have been dropped by their record label.
Today in Hot Clicks
Rick Fox still has plenty of game ... Tecmo playoffs ... Kevin Youkilis' slump-buster ... Fox loves college bands.
Odds and Ends
Will Michigan's Ryan Mallet transfer to UCLA? ... Penn State president Graham Spanier spends way too much time at the movies ... Iowa's Justin Johnson is a pretty good three-point shooter.
Videos of the Day
The Sugar Bowl Backyard

This is pretty cool. A fan in Hawaii transformed his backyard into a replica of the Sugar Bowl.

Close Shave

We don't completely understand stop-motion technology, but it definitely makes it seem like this guy is shaving off his beard with his bare hands.

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