January 08, 2008
The Links
LSU Fan Wears Jorts!!

LSU fans were in party mode after last night's victory. :: AP
The long, strange trip known as the 2007 college football season came to an end last night with LSU claiming the national championship. However, instead of climbing on the hood of car, doing a split and flexing, we suggest this method of celebration.
Dedicated to Dr. Phil
Congratulations to Brittany Spears, the Big 12 Rookie of the Week. No, not that Britney Spears -- this one. Speaking of college basketball players with the same name as famous singers, don't forget our girl (and Spears' teammate at Colorado) Whitney Houston.
Early Nominee for Most Bizarre Story of 2008
If we told you a farmer in Virginia noticed that one her calves had a marking on her forehead that looked exactly like the Virginia Tech logo, would you believe us? See for yourself.
The Pong Kings
Congratulations to Mike Orr and Jeremy Hughes -- collectively known as Team Chauffeuring the Fat Kid -- who beat 265 other teams to take home the $50,000 grand prize at the World Series of Beer Pong in Las Vegas last weekend. Unfortunately, they were too drunk to comment on the victory.
The Sweater from Hell
Actually, we're not even sure if that thing on JaMarcus Russell's body last night was a sweater -- you decide. Either way, Troy Smith's comments about the ensemble were priceless.
Pop Culture Nugget

What's the cast of 90210 up to these days? :: Photo courtesy of Fox
Just in case you wondered what the cast of Beverly Hills 90210 is up to these days, here's your answer. We feel especially bad for Ian Ziering, whose notable achievements include voicing an animated character on Biker Mice From Mars, encouraging Jennie Garth to go on Dancing with the Stars and almost becoming the new Price is Right host. Can't anyone find a bad reality show for Steve Sanders? Anyone?
Best Dorm Room Pets
From ferrets to pet rocks, Campus Squeeze has the rundown of the best companions for college students cramped in a dorm room.
Today in Hot Clicks
Leinart gets back in the game ... Analyzing sports signs ... Brady meets man who named his dog 'Tom Brady' ... Lamest things about NCAA hoops.
Odds and Ends
Who knew there were so many Joe Paterno's roaming our great country ... It'd be nice to spend four years living in this dorm ... After getting crushed by Kansas on Saturday, BC lost to Robert Morris last night ... This person should've been arrested for stupidity.
Videos of the Day
LSU Celebration (kiddie style)

Nobody celebrates a national championship like 3-year-old LSU fans.

More Frustration for Ohio State Fans

This video about sums it up.

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