January 10, 2008
The Links
The Politics of College Football

Dennis Kucinich is the Arizona of presidential nominees. :: AP; John W. McDonough/SI
With bowl season over and caucus season in full swing (if you don't know what a caucus is, here's the best explanation we could find), SIOC turns its attention toward politics. OK ... maybe not, but we did enjoy this comparison of college football teams to presidential nominees.
Writing on the Wall
We're not saying Ty Willingham should give up his position as head coach at Washington, but when a booster offers $100,000 to the university president for you to be fired, it may be time to update the resume.
Big 12 Meets South Park
Nebraska blog Double Extra Point sent us this incredible piece of art -- the Big 12 coaches: South Park style.
The Office at Berkeley?
The ladies at Cal must've been in seventh heaven when they discovered that John Krasinski was an employee of the school. The only problem is that it's this Krasinski, not this one.
Dunk of the Year

Psycho T was all smiles after dunking over 7-9 Kenny George. :: AP
Tyler Hansbrough caught our eye last week with this 360 dunk, but this dunk over 7-foot-9 UNC Asheville center Kenny George may be the most incredible dunk we've ever seen (or a close second to this). Speaking of the 7-9 George, check out this profile in yesterday's New York Times.
Gallery Alert
Two galleries worth checking out: First, our good friend and Hot Clicks guru Jimmy Traina found some great photos of fans harassing Jessica Simpson. Second, check out college hoops' top freshmen.
Laser Surgery, Please
You think athletes are the kings of bad tattoos? Check out these disasters.
Pop Culture Nugget
Ice Cube may play Sergeant Bosco "B.A. (Bad Attitude)" Baracus in the upcoming A-Team Movie. And much like Mr. T, who played Baracus in the '80s TV series, Cube will sport a mohawk.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
One of our all-time favorite movies is Weekend at Bernie's, so when two NYC men hauled their dead friend's corpse to a store in hopes of cashing his $355 Social Security check, we knew we had our bonus pop culture nugget.
Today in Hot Clicks
Bradshaw to retire in 2011 ... Hot Clicks bowl pool update ... Play golf with Nick Lachey, Jimmie Johnson.
Odds and Ends
Larry David paid a visit to Dartmouth ... Nobody watched the bowl games ... West Virginia fans are now harassing the children of Rich Rodriguez ... Even the ATMs in southern Florida felt Kansas didn't deserve to play in the Orange Bowl ... Lou Holtz could use a dentist.
Videos of the Day
LSU Pimp Dance

Meet SIOC's favorite LSU fan.

Mule on the Beach!!

New rule: Anytime a video appears in our inbox of a mule standing on a beach next to a couple sunbathing beauties, we link to it.

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