January 15, 2008
The Links
The Battle of Indiana

Which school do you like more -- Purdue or Indiana? :: Michael Hickey/Icon; Courtesy of Megan Martz
Yesterday, SIOC posted a Purdue road trip with the claim that it is "the best college in Indiana." This didn't go over too well with the students at IU or the Friends of Crazy Joe Davola blog, which showed some fine Indiana co-eds and some rather unattractive women disguised as Boilermakers. To be fair, we'll show a cheerleaders from each school and let you decide for yourself.
Gangster Buff
The two Colorado students who perform as Chip -- the school's mascot -- will likely not face punishment for dressing the mascot in a do-rag, fake gold teeth and a teardrop tattoo below one eye during Kids Night at the Pepsi Center last Friday night.
Penn State Big Bust
If Happy Valley doesn't seem so happy over the next few weeks, we have a good explanation why: Police busted a student trying to buy 70 pounds of marijuana. And Penn State isn't even one of the nation's top 20 stoner schools.
Louisville Hoops Players Make Out?
Not quite, but this picture didn't go over too well with readers of the Louisville Courier-Journal.
The Crying Game
In honor of Terrell Owens' defense of Tony Romo, Uber has the top 10 moments in celebrity crying (with video evidence, of course).
Party Foul
A fraternity at Northwestern is in hot water with the university after hiring "the one and only hardcore midget wrestling company" to perform at a recruitment event last week.
Urban Legend

Is Urban Meyer not as nice as he appears? :: Doug Benc/Getty Images
Is Urban Meyer really a big jerk? We're starting to think so.
Pop Culture Nugget
Who knew so many celebrities use steroids (hello, Mary J. Blige). We just hope that new action movie star Dane Cook gets in on the action, gets busted and gets out of everyone's lives forever.
Today in Hot Clicks
Super Bowl gets spicy ... NBA team has job opening ... Chargers trash talking ... Weather channel hotties.
Odds and Ends
It looks like former Michigan QB Ryan Mallett is heading to Arkansas ... High school students fight with dead animals ... Gimmicky college applications don't work ... Not everyone believes LSU is the team of the decade -- and they have an Excel spreadsheet to prove it.
Videos of the Day
Gophers Gone Wild
If you had a hankering to hear an old Third Eye Blind song performed by a bunch of Gophers dressed up as gorillas, today is your lucky day.
Will Smith and his PG Rhymes

Family Guy nails Will Smith with a roundhouse right for his lame rapping.

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