January 18, 2008
The Links
SEC Feuds 2.0

Despite the changes in the SEC, the Auburn-Alabama feud remains strong. :: Andrew Reed
With so many coaches coming and going in the SEC, it's hard to keep track of all the new rivalries. Luckily, Losers With Socks has an update on exactly who hates who.
The Return of Duke
Maybe it's the absence of Dick Vitale, but it had been a surprisingly quiet season for Duke bashers until Wednesday's game against Florida State, which brought the Greg Paulus haters out of hibernation. That, in turn, woke up the Duke apologists, which led our friends at Storming the Floor to find the most hated player in college hoops. And just like that, Duke is back at the forefront of the college hoops blogoshpere.
Penn State = Cheap
A day after we praised the two Penn State students who finally apologized for dressing like Virginia Tech shooting victims on Halloween, the school is back on SIOC's you-know-what list for charging students $15 to use the fancy new Bank of America Career Services Center to conduct job interviews with potential employers.
Midget Wrestling Update
A fraternity at Northwestern has been in hot water all week for hosting a party that featured hardcore midget wrestling. In The Daily Northwestern, the fraternity fired back, claiming the event was within school rules and didn't fall under the definition of hazing.
Setting a Bad Example
Don't be suprised if there is a sudden upturn in violence at the University of South Carolina over the next few weeks. After all, the student body president was arrested and charged with public drunkenness, resisting arrest and pushing a police officer.
Finer in Carolina

Amber Bagwell is SIOC's favorite Tar Heel. :: Manny Milan/SI
We're still not sure whether to declare Tyler Hansbrough's dunk over 7-foot-7 Kenny George the slam of the century, but we are ready to declare Amber Bagwell -- SIOC's cheerleader of the week -- our favorite Tar Heel (though we're not sure what she has against Mandy Moore and David Hasselhoff).
Your Daily Rich Rodriguez Update
We're getting pretty sick of the whole Rich Rodriguez saga, and truth be told, it's making West Virginia look really bad. In today's Detroit Free Press, the Michigan coach blasted his former school for its "smear campaign" against him.
Dumb Arrest of the Day
We can't get enough of this Washington State student who was arrested for smoking pot ... twice ... in the same night!
Pop Culture Nugget
The Associated Press already has an obituary prepared for Britney Spears.
Today in Hot Clicks
Green Bay station pulls Seinfeld to punish Eli ... Bald man tattoos head to look like Patriots helmet ... Dorkiest NFL players ... Most memorable hockey fights.
Odds and Ends
Former Pepperdine coach Vance Walberg -- who resigned yesterday -- made players suck their thumbs during practice last season for acting like "a baby" ... J.K. Rowlingwill speak at Harvard's commencement ... Major Applewhite will be drawing the same salary at Texas as he was at Alabama ... Durham continues to be shady -- even without Mike Nifong ... We have a new favorite mascot ... This is the worst video game of all time.
Videos of the Day

Gary Williams' 2007 Midnight Madness Intro

We're not sure whether this is really cool or really hilarious. You decide.

Boise State Cheerleaders and Tackling

This looks like fun.

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