January 23, 2008
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Ranking the College Basketball Jerseys

Florida, UNC and OSU are popular jerseys. :: Andy Altenburger/Icon; Andy Lyons/Getty; Fred Vuich/SI
There has been endless debate over which school has the best college football uniforms, but we barely hear a peep about college hoops. Until now, that is, as College Fast Break weighs in with its top 10 jerseys.
So Long, O.J. Mayo?
Is O.J. Mayo done at USC? It's very much a possibility after the freshman sensation accepted "complimentary" tickets from Carmelo Anthony for Monday's Nuggets-Lakers game at the Staples Center. It probably didn't help that Mayo said the seats were so good "I could talk to [television analyst] Reggie Miller and tease him about UCLA." We'd actually tease Reggie Miller about this, but that's a different story.
Best Class Ever?
Granted we haven't looked through every course catalog at every school in North America, but we have a hard time believing anything can top "Brewing Science: The History, Culture and Science of Beer" -- a class offered at University of King's College in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that includes field trips to local breweries. Can your school top that? Let us know.
College Football All-Hair Team (defense)
The House Rock Built has compiled the best hairstyles of the past season (defense only). We're not sure what we enjoyed more -- the hairstyles themselves or the story's headline: "Your 2008 Defensive All-Hairmericans."
Majerus' Holy War
It's hard not to like Rick Majerus -- he's cuddly, self-deprecating and funny as hell (just read this anecdote if you don't believe us). But we found one rather large contingent of people who may not feel the same way: Catholics. Majerus appeared at a campaign rally for Hillary Clinton on Saturday, where he made the mistake of supporting abortion rights and stem cell research, which didn't go over well at his current home, St. Louis University, a (you guessed it) Catholic school.
Fat Guys Finish Last?

Even if no other schools want him, Mark Mangino will always have the support of Jayhawk fans. :: AP
Speaking of fun-loving coaches, The University Daily Kansan has an interesting theory on why Mark Mangino wasn't mentioned for any job openings this offseason -- he's too fat. We would say that line of reasoning is far-fetched, but we recall Charlie Weis getting gastric bypass surgery in 2002 while with the Patriots because he thought his weight was preventing him from landing a head coaching gig. Of course, Weis ended up gaining back all the weight (after nearly dying due to complications from the surgery). But it is interesting that Mangino -- who was named Big 12 Coach of the Year -- wasn't even mentioned as a candidate anywhere.
Feed Me!
A professor at the University of Texas who had been on a seven-day hunger strike in protest of the university's refusal to offer benefits such as health insurance to the same-sex domestic partners of employees ended his campaign because of "physical weakness" and "personal obligations." We think it had something to do with hunger.
The (SEC's) Jerky Boys
We usually don't post anything on SEC women's basketball because ... well ... it's SEC women's basketball, but this is pretty funny. A few pranksters got on the coach's weekly teleconference call with reporters and started asking about sex and menstrual cycles. Even more amazing, the coaches went along with it.
Pop Culture Nugget
Oprah is furious with Dr. Phil for the whole Britney Spears debacle.
Today in Hot Clicks
Top sports movie babes ... Apatow's movie babes ... Real story behind Brady's foot cast and flowers ... Alyssa Milano partners with NHL
Odds and Ends
Several members of the West Virginia basketball squad really enjoy strip clubs ... Former UCLA coach Karl Dorrell is expected to be named receivers coach of the Miami Dolphins ... Congrats to Indiana's Lin Loring who became the first women's tennis coach to reach 700 wins ... Does Tennessee (the state, not the school) have the best college hoops teams in the nation.
Videos of the Day
Remembering Heath

In honor of the late great Heath Ledger, we bring you this memorable performance of I Love You Baby from his best movie, 10 Things I Hate About You.

The Duke Divers

And Duke fans wonder why everyone hates their team ...

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