January 24, 2008
The Links
Tebow's Bad Call

Did Tim Tebow violate NCAA rules by talking to Carl Moore. :: Scott Halleran/Getty Images
The Urban Meyer-Carl Moore-Carl Moore's girlfriend recruiting scandal/story just got a lot more interesting with the revelation that Tim Tebow may be involved. After the Heisman ceremony, Meyer reportedly called Moore to check in and, according to The Sacramento Bee, handed the phone to Tebow who said: "Carl!, I just won the Heisman! Come on down here, and let's win a national championship!" The NCAA, as you may have guessed, frowns on this sort of thing.
Leave Tom Bradley Alone!
We're usually big fans of Brad Nessler, who may not bring the noise like Gus Johnson, but is as solid a play-by-play man as there is out there. That being said, when you mispronounce the name of the world's most popular athlete (unofficially), we just can't let it slide.
Michigan v. OSU - NFL Style
Which school is producing better NFL players -- Ohio State or Michigan? Simon on Sports breaks it down.
Terrelle Pryor's Sweet Ride
Speaking of Michigan and OSU, the two school's are considered the frontrunners to land Terrelle Pryor -- the highly touted QB/God. But if this ridiculously sweet car he so unwisely posed in front of is in any way linked back to him, Pryor's college career could end before it even began.
In Praise of Cheerleaders
We don't know CBS Sportsline's Roland Liwag, but like SIOC, he loves his college cheerleaders. Though we still like ours more, especially Lauren and Valorie.
In Mascot News ...

Where do Mike VI and Pouncer stand in SIOC's mascot power rankings? :: Al Tielemans/SI, John Biever/SI
SIOC came out with our Janauary mascot power rankings yesterday and, LSU's Mike VI took the top spot while Pouncer (Memphis) and Rudy Flyer (Dayton) made their first appearances of the year. For those who can't get enough of the mascots, we recommend checking out this hilarious video from the National Mascot Competition in Orlando earlier this month.
Life of a Team Manager
The Minnesota Daily has an excellent behind-the-scenes piece on Bryan Bender -- one of the seven student managers employed by the Gophers men's basketball squad -- as he folds laundry, packs suitcases and other menial tasks. Frankly, we don't get why anyone would take this position -- it seems completely thankless and borderline insulting. Although it's nice to see this team manager get some credit for going way above and beyond the call of duty.
Pop Culture Nugget
Sean Combs, Puff Daddy, P-Diddy, Diddy has changed his name again -- he will now go by Sean John.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
Details Magazine has named Kevin Federline as its Dad of the Year.
Today in Hot Clicks
Best NFL announcers ... Worst NFL teams of all time ... Romo and Simpson done? Paris and T.O. just starting? ... Watch Super Bowl with Terrell Davis and Barry Sanders.
Odds and Ends
Our good friend Jenn Sterger is back -- and supporting FSU hockey ... Meet the worst team in college hoops ... Not everyone at USC is pleased with Norm Chow ... UCLA is Baseball America's preseason No. 1.
Videos of the Day
Randy Moss -- The College Years

In case you were wondering, he was really good in college, too.

One Angry Wife

A Virginia student leaves a voicemail for a school administrator to complain about having to attend school during a snowy day. The wife of said school administrator responds to the message ... let's just say she wasn't that pleased.

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