January 25, 2008
The Links
The Life of a Hot Chick

Life is good for some attractive females at Arizona State. :: Rick Scuteri/US Presswire
If you don't think it pays to be a good-looking girl, you've obviously never been to the Super Bowl. Jenny Stathos, an Arizona State student, will be paid $25-50/hour to attend some parties and ... well ... attend some parties. Apparently, a celebration isn't complete unless there is plenty of eye candy for the guests to look at.
Equal Rights?
A Penn student brings up a very good point about women's college athletics -- How come the weight of the players is kept confidential? As he states: "Weights are made public in men's sports like basketball and lacrosse, and for legitimate reasons that have a bearing on the game itself. If there is no good reason for their exclusion in women's sports, that should be revisited, too." We've never thought about it until now, but he has a point. Do you think the weight of female athletes should be private or public?
Coaching Barefoot
We noted a couple weeks ago that IUPUI coach Ron Hunter planned to walk the sidelines barefoot during the Jaguars game against Oakland. Well, a crowd of 1,059 were on hand at IUPUI Gymnasium last night for the Jags' 82-69 victory over Oakland. The victory wasn't Hunter's only win that night -- he set a goal of obtaining 40,000 pairs of donated shoes, which would be distributed to those in need. So far, he's at 110,000 and counting.
In Praise of Tim Tebow
Yesterday may not have been a good day for Tim Tebow (he may have caused his Gators some serious recruiting penalties), but things are looking up for the Heisman champ -- especially since more pics of the "mystery brunette" he famously posed with have hit the net.
Mediocre Michigan?
It's no secret that ESPN analyst (and Ohio State alum) Kirk Herbstreit is not going to win any popularity contests in Ann Arbor, and we don't expect that sentiment to change after he called next year's Wolverines football squad a "six-win team."
Taking It Too Far

Will LSU fans drop $12K on a fan ring? :: Joe Murphy/Getty Images
While we couldn't be happier for LSU for winning the national championship, we really hope fans don't go overboard and buy a ring. That's right, for a mere $1,200, you can buy an LSU 2007 BCS National Champions 10K Gold Fan Ring. Now we've seen some ridiculous college-related items for sale (a casket and thong come to mind).
Tubby and the Burrito
Tubby Smith is doing an excellent job coaching the Gophers, and an even better job working at Chipotle.
New Holiday
Jan. 30 is "International Delete Your MySpace Account Day." Get ready.
Pop Culture Nugget
Ryan Seacrest played football in high school.
Today in Hot Clicks
Jessica unhappy about untrue break-up rumors ... Women's Australian Open Final causes excitement ... Craziest fan moments ... Fun Super Bowl prop bets.
Odds and Ends
Princeton's hockey team is learning how to juggle ... Which American Gladiator is a Cornell grad? ... This USC linebacker probably shouldn't have allowed himself to be photographed looking like this ... The UGA football squad is talking like it's going to win next year's national championship.
Videos of the Day
Send It In, Jerome!

Jerome Lane's backboard-shattering dunk turns 20 today. Happy birthday!

Direct Hit

A local newscaster reports on the overpopulation of the Canadian Brown Finch -- and gets a present right in his mouth!

Bird Craps In Reporters Mouth - Watch more free videos
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