January 28, 2008
The Links
Woman of the Year

Charlize Theron is The Hasty Pudding Club's Woman of the Year. :: AP
Harvard's Hasty Pudding Club has named Charlize Theron and Christopher Walken its Man and Woman of the Year. We were hoping for something a little more outside the box -- especially after the Harvard Lampoon announced that it was naming Paris Hilton its Woman of the Year in a ceremony next month -- but we can't argue with Theron (for obvious reasons).
Inspiration on a Monday
Have you heard of Dax Crum? If not, read this piece. He's a guard on Southern Utah who was born without his entire right hand, but still managed to earn a basketball scholarship at a Division I school.
Jerks of 2007
We were thinking of doing a biggest jerks of 2007 compilation, but the Wizard of Odds beat us to it -- though it calls its list the "Most Classless Acts of 2007" (we know what they really mean, though). Either way, any list that calls out Charlie Weis, Joe Paterno and Mark Richt is worth reading.
More Inspiration on a Monday
Sorry for all the feel-good stories, but they seem to be everywhere this morning. This one involves a student at Santa Fe Community College who got a tattoo of a radio station's logo between her shoulder blades just so she could take her 7-year-old, wheelchair-bound niece to meet Miley Cyrus (a.k.a. -- Hannah Montana).
Chewing Gum Art
Yes, there are people who create art out of chewing gum, and the results are pretty impressive.
Lamest Editorial, Ever

Not everyone was a huge fan of Juno. :: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images
It's tough to find anyone who has something bad to say about Juno -- it's one of those movies everyone seemed to love. Everyone except a Northeastern professor who says, "There is too much similarity between Britney Spears' 16-year-old sister Jamie Lynn and Juno not to question Hollywood's agenda." Umm, sure, if you say so.
Remembering the Bear
We know very little about Bear Bryant, but on the 25th anniversary of his death, Losers with Socks has a pretty funny look at his influence in Tuscaloosa.
Pop Culture Nugget
Who are the world's most annoying couples? Maxim has the answer.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
The New Kids on the Block are back, and for those who are too young to remember, this video should tell you all you need to know.
Today in Hot Clicks
Top Non-Football-Related Super Bowl Moments ... Dog eats pair of $900 Super Bowl tickets ... Most ridiculous prop bets ... Brady's secrets.
Odds and Ends
Emeril Lagasse will speak at Penn's graduation ... An UGA fan let it all hang out at a gymnastics meet ... In case you find yourself at the University of Denver and in need of a top quality bathroom, here's your best bet.
Videos of the Day
Real Men of Genius -- Alabama Fans

Just fantastic stuff. Check it out.

Rocking on the Organ

Wow, this person has more talent than any of us will likely ever have. Let's just hope her taste in music improves as she gets older.

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