January 29, 2008
The Links
Careful What You Wish For

UCLA fans hope Rick Neuheisel 's controversial past is behind him. :: AP
UCLA fans may want to temper their enthusiasm over new head football coach Rick Neuheisel. The Seattle Times has an expose about all the wrongdoing at Washington that went down under Neuheisel's watch during the Huskies 2000 Rose Bowl season ... and it's pretty juicy stuff. Of course, not everyone agrees with the Times' reporting while others think it speaks to the mess current coach Ty Willingham had to clean up when he took over the Huskies.
Ranking the New College Football Coaches
Eighteen coaches have been hired since the end of the college football season and CBS Sports' Dennis Dodd has ranked each of them. Our favorite part is that Rich Rodriguez is ranked as the best hire while his replacement at WVU, Bill Stewart, is ranked dead last. That should make West Virginia fans happy.
More Revenge on Rich Rodriguez
Speaking of bitter West Virginia fans, The Wheeling Nailers -- the "AA" affiliate of the Pittsburgh Penguins and Philadelphia Flyers -- will hold "Shred Rich Rodriguez Night" on Saturday. Anyone whose name is Rich Rodriguez gets in free. Fans who bring articles about R-Rod will get in at a discounted rate while any fan wearing Michigan apparel will be charged double (no word on the penalty for Photoshopping a pic of Saddam Hussein in Wolverines gear).
Loosening Up
Of all the schools we'd pick to host a Sex Workers' Art Show, William and Mary would be somewhere near the bottom. But as The Angry T points out, W&M may be a little hipper than we thought.
For Sale
Everyone's favorite college football reporter, Kirk Herbstreit, has put his house in Columbus, Ohio, for sale. From the looks of it, the place is pretty sweet.
Who's Better -- Candace or Shelden?

The first couple of basketball -- Candace Parker and Shelden Williams. :: AP
We give Duke fans a lot of grief, and sometimes they deserve it, but we must give credit where credit is due. The Blue Devils' women's hoops team stood strong against No. 2 Tennessee, but lost a close game 67-64. Even better, the Duke faithful started chanting "Shel-den's better! Shel-den's better!" at Tennessee's Candace Parker, who is engaged to former Duke player Shelden Williams. Although we wonder if Shelden -- who is averaging 3 points and 3 rebounds a game for the Atlanta Hawks -- really is better.
No (Law)Suit for You
We give credit to this former NYU student who tried to sue the school for $1 million after he broke his hip at a Jell-O wrestling dorm party. A judge, however, didn't see it that way.
Pop Culture Nugget
What are the 10 worst movie sequels of all time? Uber counts them down.
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
For the 11 people still watching, Survivor (and its host, Jeff Probst) will return for a 17th and 18th installment.
Today in Hot Clicks
Marisa Miller in the boxing ring ... Best eyewear ... Brady Anderson's online habits ... Awful commercial.
Odds and Ends
UVM students should stay away from Hooters during the Super Bowl ... UCLA's famous towel guy passed away ... Mark Mangino spent time in the hospital for "undisclosed reasons" ... Alcohol played a role in Jim Calhoun suspending two of his top players -- Jerome Dyson and Doug Wiggins.
Videos of the Day
A Tour of Oregon's Spa Locker Room

Can you say, "Thank you Phil Knight."

New Car Meets Forklift


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