January 30, 2008
The Links
The Krispy Kreme Challenge

Philip Curley made North Carolina proud with his donut eating and running. :: AP, Andy Mead/Icon SMI
In one of the most impressive athletic feats of 2008, Philip Curley beat out 3,034 other competitors to win the N.C. State's 4th Annual Krispy Kreme Challenge -- a four mile race where contestants must scarf down a dozen donuts (2,400 calories and 144 grams of fat) at the two-mile mark and complete the entire race within an hour. The best part -- Curley is a Tar Heel.
No Longer Buckling Up
After coaching 17 games with a seatbelt, Wagner coach Mike Deane has decided to unbuckle. With his Seahawks squad off to a 14-5 start, he felt it was time to take the attention off him and onto his team.
BU Students Want to Run in Undies
It's official -- undie runs are cool again. Not to say that this is a new tradition, but one that's undergoing a renaissance. The latest school to join the fray is Boston University, where a student started a BU Undie Run Facebook group that is now 1,052 members strong. Here's hoping our two favorite BU alums -- Marissa Tomei and Kim Raver -- make an appearance (and Howard Stern doesn't).
Team Tattoos -- Cool or Lame?
We're not sure what to make of this one -- the Penn State men's gymnastics team all got matching tattoos to celebrate their national championship. SIOC is all about team unity, but a bunch of dudes getting matching tattoos is only acceptable in the military.
Quote Me
"After you retire, there's only one big event left.... and I ain't ready for that." -- Bobby Bowden. Check out some more inspirational quotes from college football coaches.
The Incredible Shrinking Student Section

Iowa State students may want to get used to a smaller student section. :: David E. Klutho/SI
As you can tell by looking at this fan, the Iowa State student section isn't the most exciting place in the world. And with attendance at Cyclones men's basketball games dwindling, school officials are contemplating a reduction in seating allotted to students. If only the Cyclones could get more fans like this they'd be OK.
Need a Coach?
As the coaching carousel continues to spin, Larry Coker is left wondering why his phone remains silent. We think it may have something to do with the Willie Williams fiasco or the brawl against FIU, but that's just us.
Pop Culture Nugget
A group of 395 Croatians painted themselves blue to set a new world record for the most smurfs in one place. Unfortunately, they were misinformed about the current record (451) and had to settle for second.
Giving Props to Safety Schools
A study in England revealed that academically poor colleges have high levels of sexually active students. Does this mean students at Harvard are celibate? Has anyone reported this to Sex and the Ivy's Lena Chen?
Today in Hot Clicks
Marisa Miller in the boxing ring ... Best eyewear ... Brady Anderson's online habits ... Awful commercial.
Odds and Ends
The Texas football team has the lowest graduation rate in the Big 12 ... The Howard University soccer coach has some explaining to do ... This is one of the dumber arrests we've seen in months.
Videos of the Day
Buckeye Embarrassment

No fanbase produces better YouTube videos than those of Ohio State.

Call on Me

We're guessing this Penn State frat didn't want this video to hit the internet. Too bad.

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