February 01, 2008
The Links
Still Loving JoePa

Penn State fans certainly love their old football coach. :: Brian Bahr/Getty Images
Joe Paterno may be 81, but he's as popular as ever at Penn State. Need proof? Check out some of the Facebook groups devoted to the Nittany Lions coach: "Joepa will outlive my children," "F--- Chuck Norris, PSU has Joepa," or our personal favorite -- "I'd watch JoePa have sex with my mom."
Revenge of the Cougar
You think you've got a bad roommate? Washington State's Xavier Hicks got so angry at his roommate (and teammate) Grady Maxwell, he replaced the saline in Maxwell's contact lens case with rubbing alcohol. Luckily, Maxwell smelled the substance before he put the lenses in his eye. Hicks has been indefinitely suspended from the team.
Kevin Bacon plays beer pong!
The star of just about every other movie played a little pong at Dartmouth ... and our friends at IvyGate have the pics.
The Nick Saban Jerk-O-Meter
The Alabama coach didn't make a lot of friends in the local media after he chewed them out for reporting misinformation about off-season hiring and recruiting activities. At least he still has the support of LSU fans Dolphin fans his family (and (and this crazy woman).
The Longest Winning Streak in College Sports
Forget the Patriots pathetic 18-game winning streak, the press should be focusing on the Trinity Squash team, which won its 176th straight match on Wednesday. The Bantams have not lost since the 1998 national championship. I repeat, they have not lost since the 1998 national championship. Pretty impressive.
College Hoops' Sweatiest Coaches

Sean Sutton and Kelvin Sampson love to sweat. :: Ronald Martinez/Getty Images, AP
The Money Shot pays tribute to those coaches who can't seem to keep their body temperature down. This post also made us very afraid of Xavier coach Sean Miller, who has the psychotic stare down to a science.
Bob Huggins can't dress
Campus Clicks would like to publicly call out June Huggins for letting her husband leave the house in this ensemble.
Pop Culture Nugget
Madonna will appear in a Super Bowl commercial for Sunsilk hair-care products. She was paid $10 million for it.
Random Item of the Day
Campus Squeeze has a list of the top novelty alarm clocks, which was much more entertaining than it should have been.
Today in Hot Clicks
Sexiest female athlete commercials ... Beach Bowl ... Worst guarantees in sports ... New Erin Andrews pics.
Odds and Ends
Jim Calhoun and UConn athletic director Jeff Hathaway aren't BFF ... An MIT student is holding a mustache-growing contest ... An ice quake hit the University of Wisconsin ... Here's a good breakdown of this year's Super Bowl participants by college football conference.
Videos of the Day
Matt Cassell Does Backstreet Boys

Since you likely won't see Matt Cassell during the Super Bowl, watch him sing like a Backstreet Boy.

The Most Talented Feet, Ever

Nobody plays a guitar with his feet like this guy.

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