February 04, 2008
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Super Arrests

Several Giants fans celebrated the unlikely Super Bowl win alongside New York's finest. :: Gary He/AP
Two NYU students were arrested while celebrating the Giants' Super Bowl upset of the Patriots last night. It seems dejected New England fans couldn't quite resist carrying out the post-perfect season riots they had already planned, as eight UMass students got put in bracelets as well. Still, at least one Tufts student is upset more of his classmates didn't disappoint authority figures by breaking windows and setting cars on fire.
And You Thought Your Schedule Was Tough
Sometimes being a good son can conflict with being an NFL superstar. So it goes for Vince Young. Upon entering the NFL, Young promised his mom he'd go back and finish his degree, and now he's returned to the University of Texas as a full-time student for the spring semester. Young will attend classes four days a week and fly back to Tennessee for NFL activities the other three days. But all you Colt Brennan fans can rest easy -- Young won't be allowed to use that last year of eligibility.
Michigan Hires Coach, West Virginia Spared
Move over Rich Rodriguez, there's a new star in town. Greg Ryan, the former head coach of the U.S. women's national soccer team, will be named Michigan's head women's soccer coach. Rumor has it West Virginia head coach Nikki Izzo-Brown was a serious candidate for the job (though she released a statement in December saying she was not interested). Props to the Ann Arbor brass for steering clear of their favorite recruiting pool this time.
Speaking of West Virginia...
Rich Rodriguez is counter-suing his former employer, claiming that the university broke promises, slandered and even endangered Rodriguez to the point that WVU should only be able to seek $75,000 in potential damages and not $4 million.
Big Brother is Watching
Tired of stalking your classmates on Facebook? Google is here. This winter, the search engine launched its "Street View" service for Providence, R.I., which allows visitors to get a panoramic view of most of the city's street addresses, including Brown University's campus. Google says the service will help users check parking availability or identify businesses, but we all know better. This is just the latest way for creepy kids to watch their crushes buy groceries, or for political pundits to see if Barack Obama is visiting his brother-in-law, Brown basketball coach Craig Robinson.
Gaming for Glory

The Madden hype continues to permeate the pop cultural mainstream. :: Diana Eliazov/SI
Gone are the days when athletic ability was a prerequisite for intramural competition. UNLV has expanded its intramural schedule to include video game tournaments. And these kids are intense. The first event, a Madden 08 showdown among 30 participants, was heated enough that onlookers from all over the campus gym -- where the event was held -- put down their free weights and gathered to watch.
A Million, and then Some
Though neither team ended up in the BCS title game, both Missouri and Kansas got one thing out of their historic November meeting at Arrowhead Stadium: lots and lots of money. Missouri took in about $1,277,000, while Kansas took in about $1,264,000. Each school can expect to make even more in 2008, as ticket prices for the game will increase.
Pop Culture Nugget
Sure, former American Idol contestant Katharine McPhee was recently dumped by her record label, but all is not lost. The 23-year-old singer/actress married her producer boyfriend, who happens to be 42.
Today in Hot Clicks
Sexiest female athlete commercials ... Beach Bowl ... Worst guarantees in sports ... New Erin Andrews pics.
Odds and Ends
A Northeastern physicist is studying the velocity of launching tigers ... Michigan students will graduate on campus, but probably not at the Big House ... Steve Spurrier will forfeit all of his retirement money if he leaves South Carolina before Dec. 31, 2011 ... Eddie Sutton finally won his 800th game.
Videos of the Day
Victory at Last

Kansas State fans were so excited after the team's upset of rival Kansas that they trampled their star Bill Walker while storming the court.

Neuheisel Takes Center Court

Now introducing your UCLA Bruins football coaches, the self-proclaimed "best coaching staff in the United States"...

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