February 12, 2008
The Links
Renovation Time

Is OSU's arena that bad? :: David E. Klutho/SI; Bruce Yeung/Yeung Photography
The Bleacher Report has come up with three NCAA hoops courts that desperately need replacing, and Oklahoma State's Gallagher-Iba Arena -- which "looks like something out of a pimp my basketball court halloween special" -- takes first prize. Frankly, we like the arena's Eddie Sutton signature and the picture of the OSU mascot. Most of all, we like looking at the sideline and seeing Michelle, a former SIOC cheerleader of the week.
Ripped Off
We're not sure who should be more angry this morning -- the Rutgers women's hoops team, which lost last night at Tennessee on a shady timing error or Villanova, which lost to Georgetown on an even shadier foul call with .1 seconds left.
College Football's Exploitation Index
For the second straight year, Sunday Morning QB has compiled its Exploitation Index, measuring which schools are making the most money off their football players. And your winner -- Texas, which makes a mind-numbing $462,293 per player while Georgia Tech actually lost $31,467 per player.
The Best College Player Since Tim Duncan
Tyler Hansbrough? No. Michael Beasley? Not yet. The best college basketball player since Tim Duncan is ... Oklahoma's Courtney Paris. The Sooner had 30 points and 13 rebounds in Saturday's 82-65 victory over Colorado, which tied her with Duncan for the most career double-doubles (87). More impressively, she has 82 straight double-doubles. 82!!
Pop Culture Nugget

Tom Jones' chest hair and Mariah Carey's legs are both heavily insured. :: Frank Micelotta/Getty, AP
You've heard of college athletes taking out insurance policies on themselves but did you know celebrities do it also. Among the items insured are Tom Jones' chest hair ($7,000,000) and Mariah Carey's legs ($1,000,000,000).
Notre Dame's Squeeze Play
As an up and coming football program, we figured it was quite a coup for UConn to score to a 10-game series with Notre Dame. Then we found out that none of the games will be played in Connecticut. South Bend will host five of the games and the other five will be split between Foxborough, Mass., and East Rutherford, N.J.
Pop Culture Nugget 2
Brian Austin Green (a.k.a. -- David Silver) is returning to the small screen for the first time since the end of Beverly Hills 90210.
Two Random Lists
Cancel your vacation plans to Detroit -- it was just named America's most miserable city. On a more positive note, here are the 60 biggest charitable contributions of the year.
Today in Hot Clicks
What's on Spygate tapes? ... Overrated overachievers ... Worst soccer injuries of all time ... Barkley loses $400K.
Odds and Ends
Alabama is 10 scholarship players over the limit ... LSU fans had some fun with Mark Richt and Pete Carroll ... A Utah woman was named America's best bagger ... FSU will begin next year's slate with two home games against mighty Western Carolina and Chattanooga ... Plagiarism is big in the northeast.
Videos of the Day
Bobby Knight Does Leno

Who says The General doesn't have a sense of humor?

Sebastian the Ibis Does Thriller

Michael Jackson's Thriller is officially 25-years-old, and who better to celebrate the occasion than Sebastian the Ibis.

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