February 14, 2008
The Links
Valentines Wishes from SIOC

The Georgia women's hoops team dresses for Valentine's Day. :: AP
Get out the candy hearts and teddy bears -- it's Valentine's Day! For the guys, here are some things you may want to avoid doing -- and some nuggets of advice for a successful night. For the ladies, we offer one simple piece of advice. Or you can do what most people want and forget the damn holiday altogether.
Top Five Babes of Women's College Hockey
Wicked Wrister comes through with one of the best posts of the year.
Knight's Next Move?
Is Bobby Knight done with coaching? That was the consensus after he retired as Texas Tech coach last week, but some are suggesting The General should resurface at Illinois ... or South Carolina ... or better yet, return to Indiana (if you haven't heard, the Hoosiers are having some issues with their current coach).
The Beverly Hills, 90210-Duke Connection
Coach K ... Jim Walsh ... same person? Decide for yourself.
Spring Football is Almost Here
Here is a schedule of when practice begins for each team.
College Hoops' Best and Worst Announcers

Where does Billy Packer stand among the best and worst analysts? :: John W. McDonough/SI
College Hoops Journal weighs in with its favorite and least favorite announcers and analysts. Guess which list Billy Packer is on?
Pop Culture Nugget
Madonna (who is now a movie director) debuted her film -- Filth and Wisdom -- at the Berlin Film Festival this week. According to one review, the film is "so incredibly bad that Berlin festivalgoers were staggering around yesterday in a state of clinical shock, deathly pale and mewing like maltreated kittens."
Bonus Pop Culture Nugget
Scarlett Johansson is coming out with an album.
Still Bitter in Morgantown
West Virginia fans have started a Pay Up Rich Web site.
Today in Hot Clicks
Ten best sports movies from the past decade ... Photoshopping the hearings ... Dunk contest highlights ... Sports Valentine's Day cards ... Appalling TV shows.
Odds and Ends
The NCAA is trying to shorten football games next season ... Is this Kelvin Sampson's last day as Indiana head coach? ... A George Washington law student saved a famous sports journalists' life ... Stacy Johnson-Klein will get $6.6 million from Fresno State.
Videos of the Day
Why Terrelle Pryor Will Attend Penn State

Happy Valley should thank this fan for an awesome recruiting video.

Car Jumps Half Pipe


SIOC Health Alert

Here's why you should never ask for a lemon slice with your drink.

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