February 15, 2008
The Links
Bad Times in Bloomington

Indiana students better watch what they put on their T-shirts. :: AP
After two days of controversy, it's safe to say Kelvin Sampson didn't receive many Valentines from the students at Indiana. One enterprising student went so far as to wear a "Bring Bobby Back" T-shirt to last night's Hoosiers-Badgers game in Bloomington. Twice security asked him to remove it ... and twice he put it back on. What else do you expect when your coach is being compared to the giant slimeball from Ghostbusters.
The 53-year-old college Outfielder
Yes, you read that correctly. There is a 53-year-old playing Division III college baseball and it's quite a feel-good story.
Erin Andrews Dating Report
During a recent interview with 950 AM in Philly, E.A. dropped this bomb: "I'm absolutely dating ... but I'm not exclusively dating." But if you still think she's out of your league, Busted Coverage has a look at some potential future sideline hotties hanging around Andrews' alma mater.
Take that Harold and Kumar
Three couples celebrated their Valentine's Day by exchanging vows ... at White Castle
Dickie V. (and his family) Love Duke
In case you were under some crazy notion that Dick Vitale was impartial, here's evidence to the contrary.
Worth Noting

Is Michael Beasley a better college player than Kevin Durant? :: Ronald Martinez/Getty; Larry Smith/Icon
Fan IQ broke down the numbers and discovered that Kansas State's Michael Beasley is a better college player than Kevin Durant.
Pop Culture Nugget
MTV's The Real World is having an awards show for itself. And you get to vote on the winners.
The Best Sandwiches in America
The headline says it all -- here are some of our nation's best eats.
Today in Hot Clicks
Ten best sports movies from the past decade ... Photoshopping the hearings ... Dunk contest highlights ... Sports Valentine's Day cards ... Appalling TV shows.
Odds and Ends
Florida State put itself on probation for two years ... Did Northwestern's dean fabricate quotes? ... Little people and wrestling is never a good idea ... Texas A&M retired Reveille VII ... Not everyone at Michigan is a Souljah-Boy fan.
Videos of the Day
LSU's Demetrius Byrd Races Bicycle

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