February 21, 2008
The Links
Duke Loses, Everyone Celebrates

Duke fans are reeling over last night's loss to Miami. :: Grant Halverson/Getty Images
Just about everyone in the free world who doesn't live in Durham, NC was smiling after Miami shocked the Blue Devils with a 96-95 victory last night. It was the Hurricanes first victory over the Blue Devils in 45 years! Spencer Hall looks at why everyone hates Duke, though we think this YouTube video -- titled "This is why Duke Sucks" -- says it all.
Amani Toomer -- Not Down with Michigan
He may have a Super Bowl ring and the respect of NFL fans, but Amani Toomer came out firing at his alma mater, Michigan, in an interview with the Detroit Free Press. When asked whether he has a good relationship with ex-coach Lloyd Carr, Toomer responded: "I thought we did, but I guess we didn't. So I don't know. I wasn't too upset to see the whole regime change."
Calling All Mascots
We're not sure why, but EA Sports wants to use a mascot on the cover of the Wii version of "NCAA Football 09" and is hosting a competition to pick who it will be. We know our friends at College Basketball's Finest Bloggers would choose the Western Kentucky Hilltopper, but we're more partial to the Stanford tree (let's just make sure it's sober).
Priceless Pep Talk: Get me Tickets
Apparently, Peyton Manning's 200 commercials weren't enough to get him a ticket to Saturday's Tennessee-Memphis game, so he had to call Bruce Pearl, who then had to call John Calipari and beg him to find a ticket for Eli's older brother. Luckily for Peyton, Calipari came through.
Grumpy Old Men

Should JoePa take a hint from Fidel Castro and retire? :: AP
Interesting tidbit of the day: Both Penn State coach Joe Paterno and Cuban president Fidel Castro started their reigns in 1966. And as Sam Donnellan of the Philadelphia Daily News suggests, maybe it's time for JoePa to take a cue from the Cuban Comandante.
Penn Bans Gary Glitter
You know it, you love it, you sing it -- we're talking about Gary Glitter's Rock 'n Roll Part 2 (na-na-na-na ... HEY!). At the University of Pennsylvania, however, the school's band was told it could no longer play the song because fans were replacing the "Hey!" with "Hey, you suck!" directed at the opposing bench.
Pop Culture Nugget
Tiffany Pollard (a.k.a. -- New York) will be back for another season of I Love New York, but it will be called New York Loves Hollywood and will follow Pollard around as she tries to become an actress in L.A.
Top Chick Flicks (for men)
Eharmony has its list of 20 movies that make men cry.
No Laughing in Lexington
Billy Gillispie doesn't appreciate his players laughing on the bench when they're down by 40 points... just ask walk-on Dusty Mills.
Today in Hot Clicks
Best rookie swimsuit model ... Tony-Jessica to wed? Ad suggestions for MLB teams ... Spin class karaoke ... Looking at all 23 Air Jordans ... Ovechkin's girlfriend.
Odds and Ends
Is this the best freshman hoops class of all time? ... Oklahoma football coach Bob Stoops earned a cool $6 mil last season ... This picture is just bizarre ... Dartmouth either parties really hard or Hanover has very vigilant security ... Campus Squeeze answers the epic question: Which bottled flavored water is the best?
Videos of the Day
The Price is Right -- Klutz Edition

We probably shouldn't laugh at this dude falling three times during a recent episode of The Price is Right, but it's too funny not to.

Vomit on the Court

Virginia Tech's Dorenzo Hudson can't hold it in during last night's Hokies-Terps matchup in College Park.

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