February 22, 2008
The Links
Elvis and Cal

Do Elvis and John Calipari look alike? :: Getty Images; Michael J. LeBrecht II/1Deuce3 Photography
As Memphis and Tennessee prepare for Saturday night's showdown, the Tigers are being honored at Graceland. The longtime home of Elvis Presley. will "be bathed in blue lights" this weekend to celebrate the Memphis' run as the nation's top-ranked team. By the way, John Calipari kind of looks like an older, more Italian version of Elvis, don't you think?
SIOC's New Favorite Women's Hoopstress
Meet UTEP forward Claudia Porras, a senior averaging 13 minutes, four points and three rebounds per game for the Miners. So why do we like her so much? It may have something to do with this pic from her days as a model in her native Bolivia.
The T-Shirt Says it All
In case you missed it, Alabama defensive end Jeremy Elder was arrested over the weekend on two counts of first-degree robbery for using a semi-automatic pistol to take $26 from one student in the Bryant Hall Dorm parking lot. That's right -- two counts of first-degree robbery for $26. No wonder someone (we're guessing an Auburn fan) made this T-shirt mocking the freshman.
Barack the Longhorn
Maybe not (after all, Barack Obama is a Columbia grad), but the presidential hopeful met with Mack Brown and members of the UT football squad during his visit to Austin yesterday.
Look Who's on Facebook

Pete Carroll has a Facebook account. :: Robert Beck/SI
It's Pete Carroll. Here's a link to his profile -- poke away (yes, this is the real Carroll, not an imposter).
Fun with Kelvin Sampson
As Kelvin Sampson awaits his fate, the Facebook community has weighed in. There are currently 32 anti-Sampson groups -- and Joe Sports Fan awards the most creative ones including our personal favorite, "Sampson is like Nick Nolte in Blue Chips."
Pop Culture Nugget
Playboy is coming out with its own energy drink.
Oscar Moment
The four-hour snoozefest known as the Academy Awards take place this Sunday night. Here is a list of the 10 best Oscar winners -- and here are the best movies never to win an Oscar.
Today in Hot Clicks
A Swimsuit 2009 suggestion ... Wrestling is fake? ... Must-read MLB preview | eBay Item of the Week ... Best mullets in sports ... NBA's biggest prettyboys.
Odds and Ends
More ex-lacrosse players are suing Duke ... This Colorado fraternity likes to destroy motel rooms ... Last night's Virgina-Georgia Tech hoops game was rained out (even though it was played indoors) ... The Michigan hoops squad may be 8-17, but at least they're working hard ... Is there something in the water at College Park? ... Is UMass getting too rowdy?
Videos of the Day
Cops Chokeslams Hurricane Fan

This Miami fan was among the hundreds who stormed the court after the Hurricanes beat Duke, where he was warmly greeted by one of Miami's finest.

Gonna Fly Now -- All Horns Version

When it comes to inspirational songs from the Rocky movies, nothing will beat this, but Gonna Fly Now is pretty damm close.

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