February 26, 2008
The Links
The Tough Life of an Attractive Student

Being an attractive girl is hard work. :: Cliff Welch/Icon SMI
An 18-year-old University of South Florida student and her friend were removed from a Southwest Airlines plane after they claimed flight attendants were rude to them for being too pretty. The girls were escorted off by four uniformed police officers, questioned by the FBI and eventually released and banned from flying on Southwest. Yes, the same Southwest Airlines who kicked this woman off a flight for dressing too skimpy last September.
One School Sticks By Kelvin Sampson
He may be poison in the eyes of Indiana and Oklahoma administrators, but the fine folks at Montana Tech -- where Kelvin Sampson coached from 1981-85 -- is sticking by their old coach and is ready to offer Sampson a job if he wants. Did we mention the Orediggers (yes, that's the name of Montana Tech's team) play on Kelvin Sampson Court?
School for Stoners
Move over UVM and Colorado, there is a new school that will be the envy of all stoners. Oaksterdam University, a trade school in Oakland, is teaching students "how to cultivate and cook with cannabis, study which strains of pot are best for certain ailments, and [instructing them] in the legalities of a business that is against the law in the eyes of the federal government."
Greatest Computer Glitch, Ever
Christmas came 10 months early for 923 Kansas students enrolled in Biology 100. During an exam, the computerized clicker system malfunctioned and everyone received a perfect score of 100.
SMU on a Roll

George W. Bush, June Jones and Kevin from The Office. :: AP; Jordan Murphy/Icon Fred Brown/Getty
It's been a big year for Southern Methodist. First, the football program snags June Jones from Hawaii to take over as head coach. Yesterday, it was announced that SMU was chosen as the future home of the George W. Bush Presidential Center. Even more impressive, we checked Wikipedia's list of SMU's notable alumni and discovered the school is the alma mater of Brian Baumgartner, the drummer and lead singer of Scrantonicity Two.
Speaking Her Mind
Sarah Pavin may go down as one of Nebraska's all-time top athletes, but the volleyball captain is on the outs with the team after making disparaging remarks about the program in a university magazine.
Paging 1999
The University of Pennsylvania tabbed Fred Durst to play at spring fling.
Pop Culture Nugget
Jamie Lynn Spears passed her GED exam ... and wants to go to LSU.
Today in Hot Clicks
Hottest Canadian Athletes ... Papelbon can't speak Spanish ... Must see 1986 Dodgers video ... Vote on top mugshots ... Video: Dikembe on Pyramid ... Wonderwall cover.
Odds and Ends
A Compton-theme party is never a good idea, just ask members of this Illinois fraternity ... Kirk Ferentz isn't running the tightest ship at Iowa ... Neither is Phil Fulmer ... Charlie Weis' wife, Maura, wrote a book about raising their developmentally-challenged daughter, Hannah .. .This Yale student could be America's Next Top Model.
Videos of the Day
Probably Not a Kentucky Fan

What in the name of Ashley Judd is going on with this angry fan?

Fun With Science

Add liquids together and things explode.

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