February 28, 2008
The Links
Abilene's Other Big Deal

Move over Jessica Simpson -- you're no longer the hottest thing in Abilene. :: Peter Kramer/Getty Images
The best thing about Abilene, Texas, is that it's the birthplace of Jessica Simpson, but Abilene Christian University may give the future Mrs. Romo a run for her money after the school announced a plan to distribute iPhones and iPod touches to all incoming freshmen.
Rushing the Court 101
We're not an expert on storming the court like others, but we know one thing -- you don't do it to celebrate a tie. But that's exactly what happened at Arkansas-Pine Bluff yesterday ... and the Golden Lions were given a technical for the infraction and went into overtime down two points.
Belly of Booty
From the moment he invited us into his apartment for a Campus Cribs photo shoot, John David Booty has always been an SIOC fave. That's why it pained us to look at these photos of him from the NFL combine. Is he on the Josh Beckett diet?
Which Conference Produces the Most NBA Stars
Simon on Sports did a little homework and to present this fantastic breakdown of NBA players by college conference. We wonder who would win a pick up game between the ACC (Chris Paul, Vince Carter, Josh Howard, Chris Bosh, Tim Duncan) and the Big East (Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, Carmelo Anthony, Ron Artest, Emeka Okafor)?
Duke Mascot Takes A Spill

Duke's mascot needs to work on his balance. :: AP
We love mascots. We love mascot bloopers even more. Here is video of the Duke Blue Devil taking a spill and twisting his ankle.
Top 10 Women in Video Games
From Princess Zelda to Lara Croft, here are the hotties of the video game world.
Two Random Stories We Found Amusing
A 6-year-old kindergarten student in Ohio was suspended from school for having a mohawk. Meanwhile in Australia, a thief attempted to rob a bar, only to discover that 50 members of a motorcycle club were having a meeting in the next room. The bikers tackled him and tied him to the ground until police arrived.
Pop Culture Nugget
Gary Coleman's new wife does not look excited about being Gary Coleman's new wife.
Pop Culture Nugget 2
The Rock claims he's going to win an Oscar for his acting one day. We hope he wins a Razzie and returns to the WWE so we can see more of this and less of this.
Today in Hot Clicks
A relevant Wonderlic test ... Jason Kidd's 1994 rap song ... More on funny Ferrell interview ... Free Nintendo and much more fun.
Odds and Ends
Billy Wagner got a little feisty with the Michigan baseball team during a scrimmage yesterday ... Forget tenting in K-Ville -- this student successfully snuck into Cameron Indoor Stadium ... A member of the Kansas basketball team has an older sister who serves as the team manager ... Northwestern won its first men's Big Ten basketball game in more than a year.
Videos of the Day
Baseballs to the Head

We're not sure why anyone would do this, but it's pretty funny.

Mike Krzyzewski-Roy Williams: The Puppet War

The Bookie Mom has way too much time on her hands.

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