March 04, 2008
The Links
The Good, Bad and Ugly at Penn State

Penn State students had an eventful weekend. :: Randy Litzinger/Icon SMI
Since St. Patrick's Day falls during spring break, Penn State bumped up the holiday a couple weeks and celebrated State Patty's Day over the weekend. According to The Daily Collegian, there were about 45 arrests between 8 a.m. Saturday and 8 a.m. Sunday. Though if anyone should have been arrested, it was every member of the football team who participated in this rendition of Hanson's Mmmbop (yes, we know it was for a good cause, but we can still make fun of them).
Jared -- Porn King?
Over the past decade, we've come to know and love Jared for his dedication to Subway and the 10,000 commercials he's made about the restaurant. But as Co-Ed Magazine points out, before Jared was the sub shop's svelte spokesman, he was an Indiana freshmen with a lot of porn.
College Basketball's All Left-Handed Team
The Bleacher Report poured through thousands of hours of college hoops game film to provide us with its starting five, lefty style.
Bad News For UCF Girls (and Their Butts)
Last week, we warned Central Florida students about a perv who videotaped girls' backsides and posting more than 100 such videos online. It turns out this is perfectly legal, according to the school's police department.
Taking It On The Chin

Texas Tech lost to Kansas by 58 points last night. :: AP
Poor Pat Knight. Five days after the biggest loss in Texas Tech history -- a 44-point pounding by Texas A&M, the Red Raiders dropped an even bigger bomb last night, a 109-51 loss to Kansas. Granted, there was an enormous upset of No. 5 Texas in between those two losses, but still -- two losses by a combined 102 points ... ouch!
Move Over, Taryne Mowatt
Busted Coverage unveils a new pic of the nation's best-looking student-athlete (if you know an athlete you think is hotter, please let us know).
Harvard Bans Chalk
Harvard banned sidewalk chalk ... and since it's Harvard, someone had to write a 700-word opinion piece on the school banning sidewalk chalk. It ends with this doozy, "The power of the pen and the power of the chalk stub are not so far apart."
Fun With Photoshop awards college football's best in Photoshop -- and we don't think Charlie Weis will be very happy with the results.
Pop Culture Nugget
Kevin Federline is suddenly fat. Tara Reid is not-so-suddenly scary looking.
Today in Hot Clicks
TV characters you'd date ... Most bizarre injuries Unusual ... '08 MLB giveaways ... Best meltdowns ... Annoying celeb sports fans ... Best fictional TV bowlers.
Pick the Final Four Teams -- Win $2,500
The tournament may be a couple more weeks away, but you can make your predictions now as to which teams will be in the Final Four by entering SI Bracket Challenge on Facebook. If you correctly predict the Final Four, the final two and which team will win the national championship, you could win $2.500
Odds and Ends
Is Tommy Amaker cheating at Harvard? ... Alan Jackson will perform at Alabama's spring football game ... Whatever happened to God Shammgod? ... Stanford students steal beds.
Videos of the Day
One Bad Thing About Hawaii

University of Hawaii -- great weather, beautiful girls, horribly outdated football facilities.

World's Scariest Urinal

The headline says it all.

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