March 05, 2008
The Links
Cowher to Happy Valley?

Steeler fans may be able to follow their favorite coach at Penn State. :: John Biever/SI, Tom Moschella/Icon SMI
State College is buzzing with rumors that Bill Cowher may take over the Penn State football program when Joe Paterno retires after this season. Of course, Paterno retiring after this season isn't a sure thing, even though he'll be 82-years-old in December. Cowher laughed off the rumor, but this move makes too much sense not to happen.
Get Your Pre-Tournament Vasectomy
Dan, The College Football Tour Guy, sent us this radio ad for Oregon Urology Institute's new "Snip City" campaign and it's quite simply the most incredible thing we've ever heard. The promotion encourages men to get their vasectomy the day before the tournament and offers a recovery kit with a "bag of frozen peas, sports magazines, free pizza delivery, plus more.". And no, this is not a joke.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
Duke-UNC -- this pic says it all.
Best and Worst TV Principals
From Seymour Skinner to Mr. Belding, Star Pulse ranks the TV principals and smacks down the always-annoying Mr. Feeny from Boy Meets World.
Women's Basketball is Losing Money

Courtney Paris is one reason to watch women's college hoops. :: Darren Carroll/SI
We know women's basketball isn't as popular as the men's game, but we were shocked to discover that during the 2005-06 season, the sport accrued a mind-blowing $169-million in losses. During the same period, the men generated $240 million in profit. We're no economist, but this tells us that not many people are watching the women play. That is a shame because you're missing Oklahoma's Courtney Paris, the best power forward in the nation (that includes the men, too)
Hating on the Song Girls
Are the USC Song Girls getting less attractive each year? We don't think so (after all, check out Lauren Ochi).
Keep Your Head Up
The Lincoln University of Pennsylvania softball team made its varsity debut with a doubleheader against West Chester University ... and lost both games by a combined score of 78-0.
Pop Culture Nugget
The case of The Sopranos cast is divided over whether or not to make a movie.
Today in Hot Clicks
The Top 10 Hottest WWE Divas Of All Time ... A slew of Brett Favre links ... Ray Lewis to UFC? ... NBA teams as TV shows ... Sports on The Wire.
Pick the Final Four Teams -- Win $2,500
The tournament may be a couple more weeks away, but you can make your predictions now as to which teams will be in the Final Four by entering SI Bracket Challenge on Facebook. If you correctly predict the Final Four, the final two and the national champion, you could win $2,500.
Odds and Ends
Jonathan Papelbon returned to Mississippi State ... Iowa has 35 courses with the word 'sex' in title ... So that's what happened to all the weed at Duke ... ESPN released its Thursday Night Football schedule ... Ever wonder what you will look like in 10 years? ...
Videos of the Day
Hoops Player Proposes

Kansas' Clent Stewart pops the question.

Card Stacking Hall of Fame

The U.S. Capitol building -- made of 22000 cards

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