March 06, 2008
The Links
Damn Yankees

Red Sox and Mets fans from NYU are not psyched about graduation. :: Jim Rogash/WireImage, AP
The Red Sox and Mets have little in common except one thing -- an intense hatred of the Yankees. That's why we don't blame NYU students for being angry about having to attend their graduation at Yankee Stadium while the usual location, Washington Square Park, is being renovated.
Lingerie and Poetry and FSU
If you aren't a poety fan, this story will make you one. A student group at Florida State, the home to some of our nation's finest co-eds, put on a "Language of Lingerie" poetry show about, well, you guessed it. Shockingly, seems the gig was a hit!
Heir Jordan
In case you didn't know, Michael Jordan's son, Jeffrey, is currently averaging less than a point per game as a freshman on the Illinois basketball squad. The Daily Illini has a nice profile of Jordan who is anything but an average freshman.
Catching Up with The Tour Guy
In case you're new to SIOC, we have our very own director/producer/movie star who spent his Saturdays last fall traveling to different campuses and reporting on the tailgate scene. We call him The College Football Tour Guy. We're happy to report that CFTG is spreading his wings beyond football and will be in Durham this weekend for the Duke-UNC game. We should have the video up on Tuesday.
Clemson Drinks for Charity

Clemson students will drink for a good cause. :: Grant Halverson/Getty Images
Clemson students were given the opportunity every college student dreams of -- competitive drinking. The third-annual Clemson Beer Cup will be held on March 8. Among the events are beer pong, flip cup, Chug-a-Mug, Turbo Quarters and Line Chug with all proceeds going to charity.
Monopoly -- the Movie?
Yup, they are making a movie based on the popular board game. Even more amazing, it only checks in at No. 6 in's list of movie adaptations that must be stopped.
Pop Culture Nugget
Kim Kardashian will appear on Entourage next season.
Today in Hot Clicks
Unintentionally awkward athlete movie appearances ... One-armed hoops player ... Blogger tries out for Tigers ... The best announcer ... Friday Night Lights returns.
Pick the Final Four Teams -- Win $2,500
The tournament may be a couple more weeks away, but you can make your predictions now as to which teams will be in the Final Four by entering SI Bracket Challenge on Facebook. If you correctly predict the Final Four, the final two and the national champion, you could win $2,500.
Odds and Ends
The Tennessee men's basketball team won its first SEC title in 41 years ... A student at North Dakota was awarded a $3,500 grant to study Woodie Guthrie ... Did you know they make furniture out of cardboard? ... Nick Saban's boys haven't been model citizens ... Are Mississippi dorms racially divided?
Videos of the Day
Duke Fan Pays Off Bet

As Duke and UNC prepare for this weekend's ACC showdown, here is a Duke fan who wishes he never wagered on last year's game.

Dumb Driver of the Day

The video speaks for itself

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