March 12, 2008
The Links
The Big House Shrinks

Penn State fans get the upperhand on Michigan ... in stadium seating capacity. :: David Bergman/SI; AP
Michigan's Big House is no longer the nation's biggest house after school officials agreed to remove 1,300 seats to provide more handicapped-accessible seating, decreasing the total capacity from 107,501 to 106,201. Meanwhile, Penn State's Beaver Stadium -- which seats 107,282 -- takes over the mantle as the nation's largest stadium. That will change in 2010 when the Big House completes its $226 million expansion
Another Reason to Love UCLA
When our friends at Insomniac's Lounge post hundreds of pictures of the UCLA Dance Team, the least we can do is link to it.
No Longer the Biggest Losers
Congratulations to the Coppin State baseball team, which snapped a 55-game losing streak -- the longest in NCAA history -- with two wins over North Carolina Central in a doubleheader on Tuesday. That now makes the nation's biggest losers ... the Oregon State men's basketball team, which finished the season an imperfect 0-18 in Pac-10 action.
Time to Make the Donuts
Or, in the case of Rick Pitino, Jamal Mashburn and Walter McCarty, time to buy the donut store. The former Kentucky coach and his ex-players plan to open 17 Dunkin' Donuts in the Central Kentucky area in the next few years.
Tour Guy is Back

The Tour Guy hangs out with two of his newest friends. :: Courtesy of Dan Rubenstein
In his triumphant return to SIOC, The Tour Guy visited Durham for last Saturday's UNC-Duke game. There's plenty to enjoy in this video, but our favorites were his demonstration of a Duke flop and the oddly masculine voice on an otherwise lovely Blue Devils cheerleader. And don't forget to check out The Tour Guy's tailgate videos from the football season.
Uplifting News Story of the Day
This spunky 100-year-old Oregon woman just got her driver's license renewed for another eight years.
Pop Culture Nugget
We reported yesterday that Britney Spears will be a guest star on How I Met Your Mother. Turns out not everyone was pleased with this decision. Alicia Silverstone -- who was slated to appear in several episodes as Ted's new lover -- has dropped out because she thought Spears would overshadow her. Silverstone will be replaced by Scrubs' Sarah Chalke.
Today in Hot Clicks
American Idol cast as NBA players ... Lamest dance moves ... SI commemorative suggestions ... Top team videos ... WWF action figure quiz, Part II ... LeBron to meet fan?
Pick the Final Four Teams -- Win $2,500
The tournament is six days away, but you can make your predictions now as to which teams will be in the Final Four by entering SI Bracket Challenge on Facebook. If you correctly predict the Final Four, the final two and the national champion, you could win $2,500.
Odds and Ends
O.J. Mayo may stick around for another year ... Duke-UNC was the most-watched college hoops game ever broadcast on ESPN ... BYU's volleyball team was put on three-year probation by the NCAA.
Videos of the Day
Dome Makeover

This time-lapse video shows how Syracuse's Carrier Dome transforms from basketball stadium to indoor lacrosse field.

Tree Removal for Idiots

Ummm ... you may want to hire professionals next time.

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