March 13, 2008
The Links
Duke School of Flopping

Greg Paulus executes a flawless flop. :: Doug Benc/Getty Images
In case you haven't heard, the Duke men's basketball team has a reputation for embellishing fouls. It's gotten so bad that many anti-Dukies put together an application for the fictional Duke Camp for Flopping. Speaking of Duke, who has the more embarrassing picture from Saturday night's game against UNC: Greg Paulus or Brian Zoubek?
Scrabble with Hasheem Thabeet
What happens when a 6-foot sportswriter from rural Wisconsin takes on a 7-3 center from Tanzania in Scrabble? Find out here.
NCAA and Bad Music Videos
With the tournament approaching, Fan IQ looks at the phenomenon of teams making stupid music videos about how great the team is -- and how it translates into "instant NCAA suckage." Trust us, this is worth checking out for the videos alone.
Fun Police out at Notre Dame
Led by sophomore Luke Harangody, Notre Dame is having its best hoops season in years. Too bad the students can't enjoy the atmosphere like every other college as the Notre Dame Security Police will no longer let students camp out in "Breytopia" in advance of games. And the students are not happy about it.
An SIOC Apology

Meet South Florida's Brittany Link. :: Photo by Bob Fiallo
A couple weeks ago, we told you about a South Florida student who was removed from a Southwest Airlines plane for being too pretty. And since we couldn't find a pic of the woman in question, we went with the best-looking USF student we know, Brittany Link. As it turns out, Brittany was besieged with phone calls about the incident because people saw her pic with the story and assumed it was her. So we'd like to apologize to Brittany, and urge you all to vote for her in College Mansion's "Mansion Madness" Tournament to determine the hottest college student.
College Football Blogger Awards posted the 2007 College Football Blogger Award winners, which got us wondering. What are your favorite sports blogs?
Pop Culture Nugget
The CW is working on a "contemporary spinoff" of Beverly Hills, 90210.
Today in Hot Clicks
American Idol cast as NBA players ... Lamest dance moves ... SI commemorative suggestions ... Top team videos ... WWF action figure quiz, Part II ... LeBron to meet fan?
Pick the Final Four Teams -- Win $2,500
The tournament is a week away, but you can make your predictions now as to which teams will be in the Final Four by entering SI Bracket Challenge on Facebook. If you correctly predict the Final Four, the final two and the national champion, you could win $2,500.
Odds and Ends
Nick Saban added Elliot Spitzer to his coaching staff ... Newsflash: College students haze and smoking pot is illegal ... Don't put deer urine in your school's air conditioning unit ... This guy is the world's top Guitar Hero 3 player.
Videos of the Day
Walrus Dances to Michael Jackson

This is, quite simply, the greatest YouTube video we've ever linked to.

Mascot Fighting

Jawz the Jaguar takes on Eli the Eagle during the Summit League Championship on Tuesday night.

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