March 21, 2008
The Links
Hugs All Around

Hugs were plentiful during Day Two. :: Damian Strohmeyer, Robert Beck/SI
We don't blame West Virginia, Stanford, Michigan State and UCLA for being happy, as they were among the winners in yesterday's second-round action. After taking in all eight of Saturday's games, SI's Seth Davis and Grant Wahl shared their thoughts on how the tournament is shaking out. Or if you're happy a certain Tobacco Road team lost yesterday, the folks at Truth About Duke are having a field day with the Blue Devils.
Even More Tourney Coverage
SI's stepped up the coverage of the tourney, and you should check out a few things. Luke Winn had breakfast with Michael Beasley's mom and two kids, Stewart Mandel can't figure out if West Virginia is a basketball or football school while the SI Cover Challenge is a good way to kill 15 minutes. Or you can just check out our writer's blog for tidbits and behind-the-scenes info from all the sites.
Hotties Of The NCAA Women's Tournament
As if you needed another reason to watch women's college basketball.
SI Screws Over Oregon Fan
A few weeks ago, SI's Grant Wahl wrote about abusive college basketball fans. Among this pictures in the story was a Oregon fan giving UCLA's Kevin Love the one-finger salute. Well, the father of that fan just happened to see that SI, recognized his son and the rest is history.
Top 10 Tourney Pigout Treats

Would you eat a Luther Burger? :: Courtesy of Pearlmark Media
Since you're likely to be sitting on your couch all weekend eating, drinking and watching college hoops, here are the top 10 drunk college foods. We recommend the Luther Burger, a bacon cheeseburger in between grilled Krispy Kreme donuts.
Kobe, Duke and Nike
Could Duke's near-choke last night have anything to do with the special-edition Nikes designed specifically for Duke (at the request of almost-Blue Devil Kobe Bryant)?
Pop Culture Nugget
Heather Mills promised to donate her $220,000 Dancing with the Stars payday to British animal-rights charity Vegetarians International Voice for Animals. She ended up giving about $100,000. Oh yeah, she was also awarded a $235 million divorce package as a result of her split with Paul McCartney.
Celebs and Their Bad Tattoos
Asylum has the worst celebrity tattoos ever, and surprise, surprise, Travis Barker (and his awful body art) is on the list.
Today in Hot Clicks
Vote for hottest NBA dance team ... MLB previews ... Top 10 Wrestlemanias ... Protests we want to see ... Best underdog movies.
Odds and Ends
Forget Duke -- here are the other five most hateable schools still alive in the tournament ... Here's what the tourney would look like if it was determined by NBA players representing their former school in one-on-one games ... Bo Kimble thinks he would have averaged 40 points a night if given the green light in the NBA ... American Idol's Jason Castro is a student at Texas A&M ... If you love foosball, you'll love these videos.
Videos of the Day
When Snowboarding (almost) Goes Wrong

This is way too close to being tragic.

Beat It

Clearly, this girl spent way too much time in front of her mirror as a kid perfecting Michael Jackson dance moves.

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